Is CBD Hemp Oil Ilegal?

Updated on March 26, 2023

CBD hemp oil is a revolutionary product extracted from, of course, CBD. CBD, namely cannabidiol is one of the most controversial products in existence today, managing most of its criticism from the older less open-minded generation. The upcoming younger generation has unlike them given it wide acceptance all over with awareness of its natural ability to treat numerous chronic diseases reaching wide masses in turn, driving its business through the roof. The demand for CBD and CBD products has skyrocketed over the past few years.

While it is apparent the world is making turns in the right direction, the legality of CBD is still a far way off from being clear owing to different laws that are constantly changing across different states and also on federal levels. Due to this reason many people are left wondering if cannabinol (CBD) is helpful and legal?

There is one main reason for its questionable legality and that is if it is derived from hemp or from marijuana.

While marijuana and hemp are from the same family and share a lot of characteristics, there is one very significant difference between them that is the amount of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that each plant produces. THC is the chemical contained in the marijuana plant that responsible for getting one high. Marijuana can contain up to 30% of THC while hemp only contains 0.3%.

In simpler terms, marijuana can get you very high while hemp has very little THC content that makes it literally impossible to get high off but allows the user to gain from it from a medical perspective. The law has no problem with hemp because of its lack of psychoactive effects so its legality and availability of hemp products is very convenient in the states. Marijuana on the other hand is a rather different matter altogether explaining why the legality of hemp oil may be in question if its source was marijuana and not hemp.

So is CBD hemp oil legal? If we are talking about hemp-derived oil then it is a definite yes. Hemp-derived CBD is completely legal in all 50 states of the United States and enjoys the same rights as any other legal product of purchase and sale. As of the current changes in time, beginning this year of 2018, there are 8 particular states where both plants i.e. Marijuana and hemp are completely legal. Those are Oregon, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, Washington and Alaska so if by any chance you’re ever in any of these states, feel free to partake of the product for your enjoyment or for purely medicinal reasons, you can be sure of not brushing shoulders with the law.

Still as of 2018, a total of 46 states including those mentioned earlier have legalised the use of CBD with a prescription for medicinal usage. Although it is legal, there are still some determining factors when it comes to specific legality in different states owing to the amount of THC present in the CBD and the conditions it is being used to treat. Each state has a different level of THC that they allow in their products with percentages across the board ranging from 0.3-8%. The shift on its legality is gradually shifting positively but it is still important to be aware of a specific state’s law towards CBD and CBD hemp oil should you ever be in any one of them.

Now we have looked at the 46 states where CBD hemp oil is completely or partly legal which means that there still are 4 states where CBD is completely illegal. These states are Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. It is advisable though to be on the safe side when in one of these states, the law may not be so friendly on a bad day.

We are optimistic that marijuana derived and hemp derived CBD hemp oil will be completely legal in all 50 states inn about 5 years give or take. The future would be rather impossible to predict with the constantly changing political orientations but we can continue to increase its awareness and continue to educate the masses on the actual health benefits one can get from CBD and do away with the corrupted mentality of the olden days.

We are in the face of an upcoming revolution that will see people of all ages and backgrounds come together to reap the benefits of the revolutionary CBD hemp oil. Its uses and benefits are various and if you haven’t heard if a few of them already, you should find out because not long from now, you might get a CBD hemp oil distributor open shop in your town. Be on the lookout, and enjoy the hemp oil without being worried about whether or not it is legal.

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