Important Things to Know About Direct Cremation Services

Updated on July 30, 2021

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Losing a loved one can be painful and with many not knowing when death can happen to them, it is difficult to discuss how one wishes to be laid to rest. However, there are different funeral options to choose from, but one environmental and cost-friendly choice is direct cremation.

A direct cremation is one in which there is no prior ceremony, funeral service, and no attendees. The ashes retrieved will be returned to the family, who will be able to dispose of them as they deem fit. If you have decided to go for this method, you can employ the services of direct cremation services to handle the whole process. It is an alternative for those who do not want a traditional funeral service. This option is low-cost, simple, and free from certain funeral features like a procession, pallbearers, or a minister at the cemetery. 

How Direct Cremation Works

It has certain features and process that make it a good option which includes the following steps:

1) First, a doctor will help in completing the important documents. This includes a death certificate, state permits, and contracts.

2) The body is then taken from a hospital to a morgue to spend few days till the funeral’s date.

3) On the fixed date (this can be 2 to 5 days after moving to the mortuary or less), the body goes to a crematorium.

4) The body will be put into a simple casket or vessel, then enters the crematorium to burn.

5) Before cremation, there is no need to have the body prepared, embalmed, or people viewing it.

6) The ashes will return to the family based on request.

7) Some families might choose a later date to hold a memorable service. This is a family decision, and it is not mandatory.

Benefits of Direct Cremation Services

Now that we know what this process involves, here are some benefits attached to it:

It is More Affordable Than Others

The cost of funerals in America can be as high as $11,000 but direct cremation is much more affordable. There are some services that are not necessary for cremation like pallbearers, renting a cemetery, transporting family, friends, and well-wishers among other expenses in traditional funerals. Deciding to hold a service after cremation is by choice and inexpensive.

It is Time-Efficient

Families are always overwhelmed when planning a funeral, especially if it will be a large one. The emotional burden, together with the burial preparations can be tiring. But direct cremation is faster and straightforward so this means that you will be saving some time and resources.
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It Saves Space

Most public cemeteries have limited space, especially those in urban areas. You may not like to visit a loved one in a crowded environment and cremating can reduce overcrowding concerns.

It Allows for Memorial Service to be Held Anytime

Families can decide to have a memorial service organized in commemoration of a loved one after cremating. This decision can come anytime, and it is not compulsory. It also allows relatives living abroad enough time to arrive.

It is EnvironmentalFriendly

Burials have caused an environmental toll. The chemical used in preserving corpses before placing them in the grave can affect our environment. They release toxins into the soil which moves to nearby trees or water bodies. Also, managing a cemetery requires cutting down more trees to create space. This affects the environment too in a negative way. You can see some of these effects in this article.

Ashes are Divisible and Portable

In cases where a family moves around a lot, a loved one buried in a casket cannot follow them around. But with cremation, the ashes can easily follow a family anywhere they move to. It is portable and mobile.

Also, these ashes might be divided to each family members so that they have a part of the remains of their loved ones.


Now, you have more insight into what direct cremation is. One can choose to discuss with their family about using this option when they die. It is a personal decision anyone can make. From being affordable to its environmental friendliness, this cremation service is a practical funeral choice to consider.

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