How to use CBD products effectively

Updated on March 26, 2023

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the hemp and cannabis-derived substance making huge waves on the natural health scene. Providing many of the benefits of marijuana sans intoxication, CBD is a safe way of improving several facets of health. But with so many different products, how do you know which one to choose?

The exact effects that you get from a CBD product depend on how the cannabinoid is absorbed into the bloodstream. The varying speed of delivery means that some conditions are better with edibles, others with vape juices and so on. Add in the fact that some products are made with CBD-isolate extracts and others with full-spectrum extracts, and with the right knowledge, you can fine tune your CBD experience to maximize the therapeutic benefits.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that you use wholesale CBD products effectively, efficiently and economically.

Pick your product 

Whether your condition is typified by chronic or acute symptoms is key in deciding which CBD product you should go for. Multiple sclerosis and phantom limb syndrome, types of neuropathic pain, or anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), two mental illnesses, all have acute symptoms that must be treated rapidly for genuine relief. Fast-acting CBD vape juices or tincture oils are excellent in these situations, as are CBD-rich joints and concentrates. Websites like Finest Labs are great for researching what kind of product you are looking for, whether that’s terpenes or gummies. Inhalation and sublingual absorption bring cannabinoids into the body almost immediately, and with potent products you can quickly enjoy a high dose, too.  

In contrast, sleep disorders, chronic pain and prolonged major depressive disorder is often more successfully treated with a CBD product that works gradually, like edibles, syrups or capsules. These do not boast the instant benefits of vape oils and joints, as digestion must occur before metabolization and absorption of CBD molecules can take place. However, this method of consumption promotes a steadier emission of CBD into the bloodstream, which increases the duration of the therapeutic effects. This is a more cost-effective way of consuming CBD, as you won’t have to re-dose quite as regularly. Furthermore, it’s more discreet, too, as there’s no smell created with edibles, unlike with vaping and smoking. 

Pick your extract 

Next you must choose between a CBD-isolate or full-spectrum product. Some brands specialize in one particular extract, while others incorporate both in various products. 

A CBD-isolate product is perfect for conditions where CBD is effective as a standalone remedy. With anxiety, for instance, CBD is documented as having potent anxiolytic properties, but psychoactive THC may trigger anxiety symptoms. In this case, a pure CBD product is more likely to provide symptom relief, without producing side effects. In addition, CBD-isolate extracts are THC-free, since the CBD is separated not just from the hemp plant, but the rest of the extract. Isolate products are a nice guarantee for CBD users concerned about failing a drugs test.

Full-spectrum CBD products are typically a bit more expensive, but have the advantage of delivering more powerful and all-encompassing relief. Whole-plant hemp extracts are used to make full-spectrum products, which are still mostly CBD, but complemented by other non-intoxicating cannabinoids and terpenes. These products tend to have a tiny quantity – up to 0.3% – of THC, but are still non-intoxicating because the THC concentration is so low. Regular consumption of full-spectrum CBD products could result in some long-term THC build-up, however, which is what some users are concerned of.

When to take your CBD

If you plan on taking a large dose of CBD, then evening use is more appropriate, as the effects are known to be sedative and relaxing. Night-time use can be enhanced with a CBD product that features indica terpenes, as this ramps up the calming effects – this is great for treating insomnia, chronic pain, stress and anxiety. 

The energizing and mental clarity benefits of CBD shine through most with a lower dose. For those using during the day, a morning hit of CBD with a cup of coffee is a great way to increase alertness, while remaining calm and jitter-free. Sativas are popular for their cerebral effects, and also elevate the mood-enhancing and fatigue-busting properties of CBD.

For CBD users who want pain relief in the day, without feeling too sleepy, it may be best to combine the calming effects of an indica and the revitalizing influence of a sativa with a hybrid CBD product. These will generally be made with a full-spectrum extract, although some brands opt to make products with a CBD-isolate extract, before adding a naturally occurring terpene profile afterwards. You can get a coupon code here.


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