How to Turn Your Lame Lawn into a Gorgeous Garden

Updated on December 29, 2020
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How do you feel about your lawn? No, really? If it’s an area that you tent a couple of times a year but seems like more effort than it’s worth – then you are probably in the majority. Your lawn and garden is one of the first things seen and concluded about your property, so the opportunity is huge. Whether you are hoping to add some curbside appeal or preparing to sell, follow these tips on how to turn your lame lawn into a gorgeous garden.

Luscious lawn

Finding the time to hose the lawn can be challenging. But who says you have to be doing that manually? Deploying popup sprinklers by SunshowerOnline will take the hassle away from you, and will never miss a hose. No more alarms to remind you or feeling guilty when you cast a look at the brown lawn on your way to the car. This is also particularly useful if you have no idea how much you should water and ho often. Be mindful of the seasons as your lawn will need more or less depending on the time of the year. With great lawns however, comes a robust mowing and edging schedule. Be sure to not miss a mow or an edge, as the next one will be harder and you will lose the shape of the lawn. Sometimes we are too busy with other activities that we do not have that much time even to check on those sprinklers.

The right plants

Going to a nursery and blindly choosing plants has never worked out for anyone. You will need to do some research on what plants will thrive in your geological location, and how much of the year they will actually be in blossom. Pay special attention to where the sun hits your home and for how long out of the day. You may choose the most beautiful plant or flower, only to find that it gets direct morning sun and cannot grow under these conditions. Choose something that will be easy to upkeep and will complement what you are going for. The idea is that they are to add value, and not create too much work. You can learn more here:


How do you travel from the curb to the front door? More importantly, how do your guests? Your journey to the home should be carefully curated, so as not to wet the shoes and clothes of your peers who have to traipse through your wet grass to the door.. and then into your home! Consider a combination of stones and tiles for your garden path, as they are easy and affordable to source and look great when framed by a rich lawn. Work out every foreseeable path that you need to place; to the letterbox, to the driveway, to the clothesline, to the curb. Choose a dark colour so that it won’t show wear and damage from the elements.


You don’t see too many ornaments and statue figures on lawns and gardens anymore. They previously domained lawns around the country, until a more minimalist approach was applied to gardens and lawns. However, they are coming back. The humble bird bath and stone or marble figures are a perfect addition to a house, and really make it a home. It goes without saying that you should choose something that will be able to weather a calendar of seasons and unpredictable weather.

There is so much fun to be had when it comes to enhancing your lawn and garden. Some, like the lawn itself and plants, are longer term projects. But pathways and ornaments can add immediate value. It’s wide known fact that cosmetic touches and curbside appeal is what sells homes, so make every decision while considering the future of the property.


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