How to Take Better Care of Your Glasses

Updated on March 26, 2023

Are you looking after your glasses properly? Believe it or not, most of us are walking around with bent, misshapen and even scratched lenses without realising it. The amount of time, energy and money we invest in finding the right eyewear for our lifestyles and our personalities can quickly go to waste if we don’t take better care of our frames and lenses.

Regrettably, many of us have bad eyewear habits that mean our glasses don’t last as long as they should! Doing everything you can to preserve and maintain your eyewear means better value for money and better vision. You can find out how to fix bent glasses here. So, with this in mind let’s explore some helpful ways you can take better care of your glasses.

Always Rinse!

We’ve all experienced an unexpected smear or found dirt on our lenses that are obstructing our vision. So, we quickly wipe them with whatever we have to hand; the bottom of your shirt, a cloth, a hand towel etc. And while using anything but a cleaning cloth is already causing damage, failing to rinse your glasses before you wipe them can also cause problems for your lenses. Tiny particles of dirt, grit and dust settle on your lenses over time, which means without rinsing you’re rubbing these abrasive particles into your lenses causing scratches and damage. Always rinse your glasses before wiping them clean!

Take Them Off With Both Hands

We’re all used to taking off our glasses with our preferred hand. Lifting them off our faces with one movement. However, it’s this habit that could be causing damage to your frames, as over time this action can weaken the arms of your glasses, causing them to become loose and to lose their shape. Get into the habit of removing your glasses with both hands!

Store Them Properly

If you’re climbing into bed or taking off your glasses to give your eyes a break, you should be placing them in their case when they’re not in use. Leaving them on the side or on the sofa can make them more susceptible to accidental breakages, bending or damage. It also means more dust and abrasive particles are gathering on your glasses! Keep them in a hard case or a microfibre soft case instead.

Wear Them On A Chain

If you’re someone who regularly takes off their glasses throughout the day, you’re probably in the habit of placing them on your head or even chewing the arm! These habits can quickly lead to your frames losing their shape, making it more difficult for you to see through them properly, potentially causing headaches and other eye problems. If you’re going to repeatedly remove them, wear them on a chain instead.

And Finally:

Keep Them to Yourself

If you’re a regular glasses wearer then you’ll have probably experienced friends, family or even colleagues asking to try on your glasses. While they’re undoubtedly shocked at your prescription, they could be inadvertently bending them out of shape. When your glasses are fitted, they’re fitted to your face, so giving them to someone else can bend them. So, keep them to yourself.

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