How to suppress the THC in your body

Updated on September 24, 2020

So, you overstepped your bounds and smoked too much cannabis, ending up with one hell of a hallucination, right? There’s too much THC in your system now and you need help? Well, fortunately, I’ve got just the thing! If you want to avoid this pesky problem in the future, there are a few things you could do. After all, you don’t want to reach the bottom of the abyss again, with all that THC causing chaos in your head.

Think ahead and plan your cannabis evening

The first thing you can do is actually planning your cannabis quantity for the night. You’ll only consume what you know your body can handle. We’re talking about your tolerance for cannabis. You discover this limit by testing yourself and seeing where you drop to a near-dead state, drooling on the floor, fondling dragon scales. When you reach that state, simply consume less than that quantity and you’ll be fine! You need to know how much THC you ingest per smoking session.

This is where different methods of consuming cannabis come into play. Smoking a joint is quite different than using concentrates. The concentrates are more potent than cannabis flowers because they’re more concentrated. Get it? Cannabis concentrates are the concentrated form of cannabis. Then, there are edibles or other cannabis extracts, which kick in after a long time. Usually, it takes an hour for the edible to start cranking up your mind and opening your third eye. However, you also stay high for longer after eating cannabis edibles.

If you know you’ll participate in a stoner’s reunion or party and there’s going to be cannabis there, you should prepare in advance. Consume some high-THC strains, use a few concentrates, eat some edibles, and you’ll discover your own tolerance level. When you’re there, just stay below your tolerance level and you should be fine. Of course, if you want to crank up your presence at the party, you can go all out and smoke all the cannabis you find!

Use CBD or exercises to counter the THC

There’s nothing simpler than using CBD to counter the psychoactive effects of THC. Cannabis naturally contains CBD by itself, so all you have to do is consume hybrid strains with higher levels of CBD. Moreover, CBD will also sedate you, providing an enjoyable sensation of relaxation and mindfulness. It’s worthy a try to consume 1:1 CBD to THC strains, and see how you react to them!

As for physical exercises, they increase your blood flow and act as a distraction. If you’re too stoned that you forget your own name, try moving a bit. Try being in constant motion – jog a bit or walk around the house. This will mediate the effects of THC by relieving you of the stress associated with the psychoactive effects. The runner’s high is a perfect example of this state of exhilarating joy and adrenaline. Breathe in, deep, put your body in motion, and keep your blood pumping!

Alternatively, you can drink large amounts of water and have a snack. Some research has shown that eating fatty foods after consuming cannabis helps you metabolize the THC faster. Water keeps you on your toes and helps your body prepare for the impact of THC, bolstering its defenses. Speaking of water, you may want to have a cold shower to really kick up your senses and jolt yourself back to reality.

If cannabis is playing a nasty joke on you, then taking a cold shower will surely wake you up instantly. It’ll surely be cold in the beginning but that’s the whole idea! You want something to shock your senses and alleviate the mind-numbing effects of THC. Sure, cold water doesn’t reduce the levels of THC in your system but it helps your senses reaccommodate with reality.

You can also distract yourself using other means to take your mind from the cannabis and the high. Watch the TV, play a videogame, watch a cat video on YouTube, or listen to some euphoric music. These should help you regain your standing in the real world and forget about the high. You won’t have time to dive too deep in the psychoactive adventure, risking a traumatic experience there. Any distraction works as long as it helps you remain aware and awake!

If nothing else works, then just take a half-hour nap. That should help you metabolize the THC that much faster. When you sleep, your body is working non-stop, and it’s even more efficient than if you were awake.


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