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Updated on March 26, 2023
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It is already April and the morning sun is coming through the windows more and more often. You can definitely feel the spring in the air, which brings to our mind the spring beauty. Like every year, hundreds of bikini fashion shows begin to appear on our Facebook timeline, and like every year, for a long time we are scrolling through them, just to buy half of the chemists’ assortment in June, throwing up our hands in horror. We hope that in some miraculous way we are going to cover months of negligence at one weekend. Unfortunately, there are no miracles.

The best way to keep your skin, complexion, hair, feet and hands in a good shape is to understand what really works. What is even more important, we should remember about it throughout the year. The advantage of this solution is the fact that taking care of yourself in a sensible way is quickly becoming a habit and you are no longer paying any attention to it. It becomes your second nature. Just like washing your hair or teeth.


As I have mentioned before, there are no miracles – I am really sorry to be that blunt. Of course, lotions can improve the skin hydration and smoothness. But there is no way that some product for everyday use will burn excess fat or remove other imperfections completely just by itself. Just like no cosmetic will bring effects when applied on an unpurified skin. Before you spend more money on what can be thrown into the trash, try to understand some effective ways of doing things.


Just like a shampoo or a facial wash gel. Decent exfoliation is the main property that must be provided by the peeling. The gel has to wash off impurities. By the way – anything that has the phrase “washing” in it is not supposed to dry out your skin. And this is basically the end of good properties that washing products are supposed to have. So believe me, overpaying for things like a facial wash gel, shower gel or shampoo is not a good idea. It is worth to spend more on the serum, cream, balm, conditioner, mask, or even foundation.  


First of all – money saved on unnecessary specifics is worth being invested in components needed to perform a series of treatments with Guam Algae. This is probably one of the few really effective cosmetic methods to treat cellulite and saggy skin. Algae are used to perform microdermabrasion, cleansing, acid treatment, manicure or professional pedicure. You probably wonder what Guam is all about, so I’m in a hurry to explain. It is nothing more than a body wrapping procedure, which you can find in the most beauty salons nowadays. To perform it by yourself, all you need is a pack of Guam Algae. You can apply it on the area of skin that you want to improve, wrap yourself in foil and just wait for an hour or two. Then you have to take off the foil, wash the algae off and apply the lotion. After 10-12 treatments, you can enjoy skin almost cellulite-free and really much firmer. With complexion prepared that way, you will be looking gorgeous with a natural makeup look.

You have to remember that the basis of well-groomed skin is regular cleansing, exfoliation and moisturisation. I suggest starting with a visit in a spa or beauty salon and using cleansing combined with microdermabrasion. After a short period, you can have few more treatments with acids, and then for a few months you will just need a peeling once or twice a week and daily moisturising. 

If you invest in cosmetics, then your main picks should be creams or tonics. You can find best sales online and save money buying those.The key thing is to have your complexion moisturised well. Apply them regularly and they can actually improve your skin condition.

In the case of the skin on the body, all that you really need is just a peeling once or twice a week plus daily alternate moisturising and oiling. One day you are moisturising with a deeply penetrating balm, the next day you are applying an oil or olive oil that helps retain water in the epidermis. Of course, you have to remember about hair removal – although it is already a bit late in this season to start a series of laser hair removal treatments, it is a good time to start waxing. Now you can afford to grow a bit longer hair for the first depilation during the warm season. Then remember about regular plucking, instead of cutting. The depilatory weakens hair significantly. It makes them grow slower and be more delicate. As a result, you will treat yourself to the summer when you are going to need depilation every two weeks, not two days.


Visit your hairdresser to cut the ends and give your hair a new, fresher shape. It is good to develop a habit of applying conditioner after each hair wash and applying hair mask once a week. Remember that a myth about sleeping with wet hair being better was busted long time ago. Wet hair is several times more vulnerable to any kind of damage. Besides – hair absorbs dust from the room. You might ask, what about drying your hair. Well – yes, you can do it, but do it well. You should hold the dryer about 15 cm away from your hair. Dry it with a not too hot air stream and move it from the top to the bottom while brushing your hair. This allows you to close the cuticles, and, as you know, closed cuticles means healthy hair. If you have severely dried and damaged hair, it is worth reaching for specialist cosmetics or keratin straightening supplements. And if you are thinking about hair removal, get in touch with a reputable hair removal clinic.


The best habits to develop when it comes to hands and feet include rubbing an oil in the skin around nails every day before sleeping and applying the lotion on hands and feet. It is trivial, but it gives you beautiful effects noticeable after a short time. 

When it comes to fingernails – hybrid painting is one of the big trend nowadays. I just want to warn you – sometimes it is better to pay a little more and use cosmetics of well-known brands. It is worth paying attention to new products that appear in the store, which will allow you to keep your fingernails well-tended for longer in the privacy of your home.

When you are well-groomed, you do not need tons of makeup or an hour-long hairstyle. Maybe some natural look makeup from time to time? Developing good beauty habits will make you get up in the morning and feel beautiful just like that – is there any woman who does not dream about it?

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