How to Reverse Our Aging Process

Updated on November 1, 2021

With aging comes many health symptoms. But do we have to suffer from them as we have been up to now? Or are there ways to make aging a more pleasant process in our modern world full of science, knowledge, and methods? It is said, once you get old, the aging process tends to speed up. Even though traditional anti-aging medicine has been available for nearly three decades now, it only works to some degree, similar to other medications.

Our aim is not purely to add to our life span, but rather, enhance its quality. So, are there more effective ways than taking pills? Yes, if we return to the wisdom of our bodies, approach and treat them on a cellular level. By taking conscious steps, we could prevent our bodies from developing chronic diseases that have a much higher chance to occur with aging. To do so, we need to be more cautious of our cellular health and DNA and achieve their most optimal state.

Water fasting is one of the simplest things you could do to cleanse your cells. After your body doesn’t consume food for about two days, your genes start to improve. Fasting for about three and a half to four and a half days monthly can be very beneficial to your body above the age of 40. According to studies, fasting can increase longevity, and water fasting has a rebirthing effect on your genes. Imagine that your cells are a factory working every day on your metabolism.

Possible Ways to Fight Aging 

When you are fasting, your body doesn’t have to work on releasing insulin and processing various nutrients like fats, amino acids, carbohydrates. Instead, your body will turn to your liver, taking stored fat, and release some ketones, which turns on all the other genes because now they aren’t occupied with other work. So they have the energy to do this.

What happens if you don’t get enough sleep? Your body will age much faster, as it doesn’t have enough time to recover. Your circadian rhythm is your biological rhythm. Animals don’t tend to change or get their circadian rhythm wrong. For instance, birds don’t tend to sleep until noon. They sort of get up and go to sleep at the same time. This is ideal for their biological clock which operates naturally in a 24-hour cycle. 

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If you keep waking up at night, you deprive your body of getting a night of deep sleep, and your REM cycle is disrupted. In about seven hours of sleep, you can get four REM cycles, but if you keep waking up and stay in bed for even ten hours, you could miss out entirely on your REM cycles. If you sleep fewer hours than you need, you decrease your brain’s capacity to stimulate your immune cells. Those cells are in charge of the necessary repair processes in your brain. 

The Importance of Sleeping and Diet 

When you sleep, your brain also resets by digesting what happened throughout your day. When you go to bed, your hippocampus is loaded with all the proteins piled up during the day. Your brain can’t hold on to all the small details. Therefore, you must allow your key organ, the brain, to process all your short-term memory, and free up space for your next day. That’s why getting your sleep pattern right should be the first crucial step.

It also influences your circulation, and the quality of your blood vessels, a key organ responsible for the infrastructure of your body. What about the role of your diet? Studies have shown that it doesn’t matter how clean, wild, or organic meat people eat, their inflammation marker is always higher than that of those on a plant-based diet. It has also been tested that a calorie intake of 80% plants and 20% animals is nearly as good as one which is 100% plant-based. 

Eating too much meat leads to a P.H. imbalance and calcification, which affects your arteries, and causes stiffening. These days arteriosclerosis can be reversed by a plant-based diet. But you should be careful with any strict plant-based diet, especially when using meat replacement. You should watch out for the added sugar levels! One of the main reasons for aging is glycation end products when proteins and lipids become glycated after exposure to sugars. Your body can work a hundred times more than in normal mode to process these!!

Energy Levels vs. Aging

If you observe most people who manage to live until the age of 100, or above, are usually on a low protein diet. So what does a low protein diet look like? Your protein intake should be about one gram of protein for every kilogram of body weight. Athletes usually need one gram of protein per pound. Your body has an amazing capacity to recycle protein when you work out, and if your body is healthy, it is utilizing that protein well. 

Some supplements can well support this process, such as glutamine or ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate. It can optimize your body’s way to make and recycle protein, as well as using those amino acids efficiently. One of the main sources of problems can be how we store fat. If you can afford professional help, they could support you by creating a diet based on your genetics, and lab results for the best outcome. 

You need a diet that ensures low inflammation levels and regulated fat levels and do any necessary scans to check if you have any soft or hard plaques in your body. Because one diet for all isn’t effective, it is best to check the blood levels in question with a specialist. When you check these, your specialist could suggest how effectively your body processes proteins besides other things. 

Your Natural Microbiome and Immune System

You should be aiming to keep your protein levels low, and the high-nutrient plants intake high. Highly nutritious plants are like sprouts, microgreens, spinach, broccoli, kale, beets, carrots, fermented vegetables, and so on. Fibers are another key ingredient essential for a balanced microbiome. The millions of microorganisms that live in our body and work for our optimal health are like the habitat of a natural handful of soil. Our immune systems need them to function well.

And the older you get, the weaker your immune system gets. Your key immune organ, the thymus gland, shrinks when you are aging. So regenerating your thymus gland is a crucial step of reversing your age to have the kind of immunity you had at a younger age. And our main goal should not be to defend ourselves from viruses and bacteria but to work on our ability to repair tissue. It is all up to the state of your immune system. 


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Your body always reacts to stress or any major change. As soon as astronauts are put into a spaceship and sent into space, their bones get weak because the body realizes there is no need for strong bones because of gravity. The same goes for the thymus gland. It is in the middle of your chest, between your lungs, in the upper part. It creates white blood cells called T cells to fight off infection, as well as natural killer cells. The thymus shrinks in size with aging. 

Exposure to the Right Things

You can have optimal health if you ensure the right microbiomes in all significant parts of your body, starting with those that have direct contact with the outer world, such as your mouth, nose, eyes, then your skin, gut, etc. You can regulate the optimal microbiome in your gut by switching to a diet that is best for your individual needs. Your optimal metabolic rate should not be too high. 

Maintaining your Hormone Levels

Maintain your hormone levels by replacing them if necessary. It can be a challenge to maintain bone mass, muscular mass, especially heart, and the mass of your brain. Your hormones can trigger turning on many of your genes. Epigenetics integrates the environment and the genome. Your body can control this process through hormones and nutrition. In about 50 years we can reverse aging with our modern technology and become close to immortal. So we should aim at becoming the healthiest possible until then!

Supplementation as the Last Step

When checking your inflammation, fatty acids, thyroid gland, and the overall state of your immune system, including your medical history, the next step can be selecting the right supplements. Your specialist can pick you the basic ones, which aren’t too pricey. If you want to make real changes to your optimal health and reverse aging, you could follow these steps. And you can always take tests to measure your biological age versus your chronological age. Good luck!


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