How To Repurpose Your Old Blogs To Make Them New

Updated on August 27, 2019

Everyone in digital marketing is familiar with the phrase “gig economy”. It refers to a free market system in which independent contractors like bloggers thrive. But building a lucrative career as a blogger isn’t easy. 

Even once you’ve done the initial set up and created some really awesome content you still need to make sure that all your hard work reaches your desired audience and doesn’t just get lost online.

Realistically not every blog post is a hit. Some posts are more successful than others. So what do you do with the posts that missed the mark? Do you just ignore them? Delete them?

Luckily all the work you put into a post that didn’t fair so well doesn’t have to go to waste. You just have to find a smart way to repurpose your old posts. And we have some ideas to help you do just that!

How To Repurpose Old Blog Posts

  • Update Old Posts

Technology is constantly evolving and websites, products, and services are changing along with it. Because of this, it’s a good idea to revisit some of your greatest blogging hits every year or so. A quick update will breathe new life into the old content and ensure that the post stays relevant. This will also give your website’s organic traffic a boost. You can update an old post by replacing outdated information, adding images or videos, and by using new references/examples.

  • Create Backlinks

We already know that link building is a great way to increase website traffic. It’s also a cool way to get people to read your older blog posts. Linking new digital content to past blogs is a great way to make the old stuff new again. Use hyperlinks within the text or direct them to a previous post with a prompt like “read more here”.

  • Use Newsletters

Never underestimate the power of email marketing. Including old content in an email newsletter is a rather simple way to repurpose your old blogs. Newsletters with content that subscribers find valuable and entertaining are always well received by readers. To avoid being random you can add blogs of a similar theme to each newsletter. Sending out an email blast with a central focus each week will go a long way in keeping your blogs fresh.

  • Share Your Greatest Hits

A sure-fire way to get a new surge of traffic from old blog posts is to simply share them on your social media pages or via an influencer. There are many fun ways to do this such as creating a series of weekly throwback posts on social media. You can also create a new blog post which counts down your top five posts for each month. The post can include a summary of each blog and link to continue reading.

  • Showcase Your Best Work

There’s nothing more satisfying for a blogger than creating content that they’re extremely proud of. Most bloggers have a list of posts that they feel is their best work ever. So why not showcase that work to the world? A cool way to do this is by creating a special “featured” section on your website to house the old posts you’re most proud of.

  • Use A New Format

Most people aren’t hugs fans of reading lengthy content. Most people respond better to audio/visual content. Converting old blogs into infographics, videos or slideshows will give you the chance to tap into a brand new audience. Not only will your content get a fresh coat of paint, but you can share the newly formatted posts on social media to create a fresh buzz about the content.

Final Thoughts

In keeping with the times, people these days enjoy consuming content in different formats. More often than not a lengthy blog post can come across as too wordy for some people. People are often drawn to content that is easily digestible. 

Depending on your readers’ preferences you can adapt your old blog posts to meet their needs and gain more website traffic while doing so. By using the above-mentioned methods you can amplify your blog with minimum effort. You already have great content to work with – it just needs a little bit of tweaking.


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