How to Receive Fair Injury Compensation as a Senior

Updated on January 31, 2023

Accidental injuries happen all the time, but they can cause even more harm in seniors. Fighting for fair compensation can be trickier, too, as the opposite party can argue that age was the cause rather than the person/company responsible. 

Some of the most common accidents for seniors include slips, falls, burns, and road accidents. If you have experienced any of these through no fault of your own, then read on to discover how to receive fair compensation. 

Find the Right Attorney 

Finding the best attorney will help maximize your compensation settlement, so focus on researching law firms and choose one that has plenty of experience and expertise when it comes to personal injury claims. For professional advice from a knowledgeable firm, go to Ferguson Law Group | Car Accident & Personal Injury Attorney in Georgia for a free consultation with no obligation. 

Show Your Previous Medical Records 

Your attorney will ask for any evidence you have to back up your claim, and this will include your previous medical records. While pre-existing medical concerns could make your claim a little more complicated, it is still important to bring them forward, as every piece of information matters in a personal injury lawsuit.  

Having a previous medical issue that could have impacted your accident shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a claim if other factors were also involved. Often, attorneys will use your old medical records to compare them with your current ones to show the impact the injury has had on your life. This is why medical record retrieval for law firms is so important when creating a case, and any information you can pass over could resolve in you getting the end goal you deserve. 

Prove How it Has Impacted Your Life 

To receive the highest settlement possible, you will need to prove that it has impacted your life in severe and numerous ways. If you’ve had a fall and broken your ankle, for example, you would show your medical records alongside pictures of your injury to show you can no longer leave the house as you previously did. Other ways an injury could have impacted your life include – having to pay medical bills, needing extra care, loss of mobility, and fear of going outside. 

A journal will help you here, too. Keep notes of everything that has happened from the moment of your injury to help your lawyers navigate the case. The more they know, the more they can help you, increasing your chances of a higher settlement. 

Only Talk to Your Lawyers 

You might feel the urge to point blame or talk to insurance companies about your injury, but you need to avoid this at all costs. As per the information provided on this site,, you must contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. Once you have contacted an attorney, make sure all the information relating to the case goes to them and only them, as others may use your information against your claim. 

Sustaining an injury that impacts your life is always scary, but it is especially so as a senior. By fighting for a high settlement, you ensure that you receive the compensation you need to make up for the medical bills, physical pain, and mental anguish caused by the accident.


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