How to Prepare Your Home for Handicapped Family

Updated on August 28, 2020
How to Prepare Your Home for Handicapped Family

Whether your loved one has suffered from a recent disability or has had one for a while, your house may need changes to accommodate their needs. Follow these tips for how to prepare your home for handicapped family when preparing for a long visit or permanent residence so that your beloved family member can feel cared for and comfortable.


A staple of handicapped care is the installation of ramps in your home, especially in entryways. If the family member is only visiting, ramps can be made to be temporary and removable. Permanent ramps can be installed for the care of a disabled loved one and can even make your life easier as you age. Ramps aren’t just essential for wheelchair users; they can help those who use canes and walkers as well. Any kind of mobility assistance you can fit into your home will help with many different disabilities.


It’s not possible to install ramps for every set of stairs in your house. If your handicapped family member is just visiting, you may not need to provide access to every floor in the house for them. However, if they are coming to live or have lived there, get a quote for a stairlift installation in your house. Stairlifts can provide access to family members with canes or wheelchairs, though wheelchair lifts can be pricey.

Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

Needing to ask for help with the bathroom can be embarrassing, especially when starting to cope with a new disability. Outfit your home with accessible options for the bathroom, such as armrests for the toilet with a specialized seat or install a customized bathtub door. Make sure that your bath or shower has handrails and an effective non-slip mat or coating on the bottom.

An Updated Vehicle

If you’re housing a disabled family member, you’ll need the right vehicle to transport them around and get them out of the house now and then. Modified vans are useful so that you won’t need to remove your family member from their wheelchair or make them try to stretch up to reach the interior of the car. With side-access or rear-access, they typically include either a ramp or a wheelchair lift inside. While cars are a little outside the box, they are still essential when it comes to how to prepare your home for handicapped family.

Accessible Furnishings

The most important part of hosting a disabled family member is making sure that they are completely comfortable. This means providing a dinner table that they can sit at with their wheelchair or a bed that they can get into easily. You may need to help with new things, such as changing clothes or bathing, but providing handicap accessible areas around the house will make your job and their life easier.

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