How To Manage Living With a Urinary Catheter

Updated on October 26, 2022
How To Manage Living With a Urinary Catheter

Learning how to adjust to using a catheter can be tricky. Continue reading for tips on how to manage living with a urinary catheter.

Tape the Catheter to Your Leg

A common issue catheter users experience is the tube detaching from the catheter bag due to excessive movement. Use a piece of tape to secure the tube in place. As you move throughout the day, the tube won’t shift around, allowing you to continue your typical activities.

Cleaning Your Catheter

You should always use a clean catheter, no matter the circumstance. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t reuse a catheter. One of the most common risks of reusing catheters is infections like UTIs.

Clean the catheter regularly with warm water and soap to reduce the risk of infection. Remember to empty the drainage bag twice a day, and wash the drainage bags each day. A clean catheter limits risks and ensures effectiveness.


Using a catheter in your daily life can introduce new challenges and affect common activities like bathing. You can shower with the catheter in place, but don’t attempt to take a bath until you fully remove the catheter.

When showering, use a night bag rather than a leg bag. You may find it’s easiest to shower in the morning. Don’t let it discourage you if that routine doesn’t fit your schedule; you’ll soon find a process that suits your needs.

Ask for Assistance

There will be moments when you are unsure about what to do or need help. Don’t be afraid to call your doctor or ask a family member for help. Whether you need medical advice or an extra hand, ask for assistance so you can avoid developing further issues.

While living with a catheter might seem overwhelming at first, you will adapt over time. Find a routine that fits your schedule, and take your time to make the necessary adjustments. You’ll understand how to manage living with a urinary catheter in no time.