How To Make Your Senior Living Facility More Successful

Updated on August 27, 2020
How To Make Your Senior Living Facility More Successful

The demand for senior housing is on the rise. However, because of the new lifestyle of today’s seniors, old-fashioned senior living facilities are less desirable. Seniors today are much more capable and active than older generations were. To increase your occupancy, focus on retaining current residents, revamping your facility, and improving your marketing efforts, follow this helpful guide.   

Retain Current Residents  

The first step in how to make your senior living facility more successful is to take steps to retain current residents. Bringing in new clients will have little impact on your success if current clients are leaving. Make sure that current clients still feel cared for and appreciated by providing special incentives to those who have been with the facility for a long time. Referral bonuses are also a great way to keep your current residents happy and involve them in the process of gaining new residents.

Upgrade Your Facility  

As previously mentioned, today’s seniors are much more active and capable than ever before. These seniors do not want to live in a facility that takes away their freedom and fun. Hire commercial painters and carpenters to revamp the look of your facility and create a less outdated and more inviting atmosphere. Then, add more activities such as a walking track, pool, or game room to entice more active seniors to make the move to your facility.   

Add Your Pricing Information Online  

Many senior living facilities are wary of including pricing information online. However, in the digital age, everyone looks to the internet for easy and accessible information. If you do not have enough information on your website, potential residents may be deterred from considering your facility.   

Improve In-Person Tours  

If you find you are not closing many deals after taking prospective residents on tours, it is time to reevaluate your tour process. Show prospective residents why your facility is better and more unique than your competitors. Allow them time to explore and experience the facility as they would if they were a resident by testing out amenities and talking with other staff and residents.   

Retaining residents, upgrading your facility, adding more information online, and improving your processes are all steps you can follow to make your senior living facility more successful.