How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Elderly Loved One

Updated on January 11, 2020

It is inevitable that one day, we will grow old and our bodies will not be what they once were. Everything from our senses to our bones and muscles will lose their ability to function properly, or even to function at all. As a result, we will become more dependent on various kinds of aids and assistance just for us to be able to go about our daily lives.

This is especially true at home, where we will end up spending most of our time when we are old. Hence, if an elderly person resides in a certain place, there are special considerations that need to be taken care of. This is to ensure the safety of the person.

If you are currently living with an elderly individual or if you simply want to prepare your place for when your time comes, here are some things to install in your home to make it safe for elderly individuals:

Walk-in and Portable Bathtubs

One of the most difficult tasks for the elderly to accomplish is taking a bath. This is especially true if they are disabled or have difficulty standing and walking. Hence, many will need to use a bathtub to get cleaned up.

A portable or walk-in bathtub can help as it makes the process easier and more convenient. It is easier and less painful for the elderly to enter the bathtub; they will not need to lift their legs to step in. A portable bathtub can also make it easier for the caregiver to help the elderly person take a bath, especially if the latter has difficulty moving or walking to the bathroom.

Carpeted Flooring


Tiled or wooden flooring can become slippery, especially if it is wet. This can increase the risk of slips, falls, and other similar accidents at home. For an elderly person, even the smallest slip can result in a bone breaking or losing the ability to walk at all.

It is best to install carpets or mats around the house to prevent the occurrence of falls. Make sure that you use non-slip rugs or mats to be certain that these will not do more harm or increase the risk of falling.

Increased Lighting

Elderly people cannot see clearly, particularly in dark areas. Hence, having a home that is not well lit can lead to an accident at home. This is why an elderly person will greatly benefit from increased and brighter lighting. Some examples of areas where lighting is crucial include hallways, stairways, and entrances. It is also advisable that you install motion-sensor lights so that there will be no need to fiddle in the dark for the light switch.

Making your home safe for your elderly family member shows that you care about some of the most vulnerable people in society. Furthermore, you also get to prepare for when the day comes and you have to use these helpful aids. When the time comes, you will be incredibly thankful that you had everything set up long ago.


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