How To Make Your Home Safe For Seniors

Updated on November 30, 2021


If you have a family member who is getting on in years, you should make sure that you make your home as safe for them as possible. Remember that all it takes is a trip or a fall, and things will get very difficult. If you are going to make your home as safe for seniors as possible, you should have a set method. Here are some great tips for making your home as safe for seniors as possible.

Follow Hygiene Rules

If you want to make your home safe for your seniors, you should make sure that you clear up the litter in your home. Remember that the more littered your home, the more chances he or she will trip over them. As a rule, you should make sure your home is clean of any type of litter. You should make sure that any articles of clothing, magazines, or work out equipment are stored somewhere safe. You should also check your home for any potential spillage or cracks, because your seniors could easily trip over these things. Aside from cleaning up litter, you should also invest in hand sanitizers and a good supply of gloves and face masks. Remember that we are going through a pandemic, so we should be as hygienic as possible.

Avoid Using Loose Carpets And Rugs

When decorating your home, you should make sure that you don’t use rugs. Remember that rugs are a tripping hazard, and there is a chance that the seniors living in your home could trip over these rugs.  

If you do want to use rugs, you should attach them to the floor as securely as possible. You should also use rugs that have a rougher texture. This will help prevent your seniors from slipping on the rug. You should also make sure that your rug ends are not open or loose. These are very hazardous for older people because they could get snagged.

Get Rid Of Old Furniture

If your home has old and faulty furniture, you should make sure to replace them. Remember that old furniture is a very dangerous prospect for a majority of seniors. 

The biggest danger of using old furniture, is that they may not be able to hold your seniors’ weight, and collapse from under them. If you are going to invest in furniture for your seniors, you should choose ones that offer good back support. The furniture should also not be too low, because this will make it a lot more difficult for them to get up.

Make Sure To Hide Extension Wires And Other Wiring

A very dangerous aspect of living with a senior is loose and overhanging wires. Remember that a majority of seniors are no longer as coordinated as they once were. If you leave extension wires and other types of wiring about, there is a chance they might trip over the wires. To help lessen any chances of accidents from happening, you should do a quick sweep of your home. Take a look at your wiring, and move any extension wires that your seniors could get snagged on. 

Have Your Senior Wear Non-slip footwear

If your senior uses footwear at home, you should make sure to invest in non-slip footwear for them. Remember that your seniors are very susceptible to falling over. If you are going to have a senior live at your home, you should invest in non-slip footwear. This means you should implement a no shoes approach in your home. Your seniors should use non-slip slippers.

Check For Fire Hazards

While fires are dangerous occurrences for most people, they are particularly dangerous for older people. If a fire starts, they are in even more danger because they are slower and may not notice smoke or fires starting until it is too late. As a rule, you should make sure to check your home for any fire hazards. Take the time to check the area for faulty wiring. 

Provide Easy To Use Containers

If you are going to have an older person live in your home, you should make sure that your home is easy to live in. A key factor is the quality of containers that you use. Remember that seniors often find it difficult to store their stuff. They also find it difficult to bend down or look for their things. As a way to make things easier for them, you should invest in easy to use containers. If you want to make quality containers at your home, you should  invest in Eabel company containers. The company offers a wide variety of combiner box and other storage options. By having these quality containers, your seniors won’t have any trouble with storing their belongings.

Provide Handholds On Stairs

A very dangerous part of the house is the stairways, because they are a fall risk for seniors, however, they are also the only way for your seniors to get around. This is especially true for homes that have elevated areas. If you want to make your stairways safe for your seniors, you should invest in handholds for your stairs. 

Use Non-slip Mats for The Bathroom

Bathrooms are a very dangerous place for most seniors because they are areas that are prone to slipping. This is particularly true for the wet areas such as showet booths or bathtubs. If you are going to have a senior living with you, you should make sure to install features such as non-slip mats for your bathroom. 


If you are thinking of making your home as safe for  your senior citizens as possible, you should have a set method. With these tips, you’ll be able to make your home as safe for senior citizens as possible.

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