How to Make High-Intensity Functional Training Safe

Updated on July 16, 2018

Most experts in fitness together with seasoned trainers will agree that high-intensity functional training for the whole body is one of the best methods for success in their fitness career. It involves the use of full body movements, which are both dynamic and high intensity. If you combine this with the trusted steroids like testosteron enantat, then you can rest assured of building a winning physique whether you are engaged in athletics or bodybuilding tournaments.

It is of great importance to incorporate functional movements with exercises like weightlifting and gymnastics, which really bring the body into motion. While engaging in these exercises, there is a significant risk of injury, pain and fractures from accidents.

Possible Injuries

There are numerous injuries one is likely to meet even after engaging in a lot of caution. Let us examine some of them before we look at how to make this process safer.

  • Fractures – if the bones are not so strong, some strenuous movements can cause a fracture. Some injuries may not be as severe and could only affect the ligaments and tendons. Fractures are common with beginners especially since they do not know how to make the right steps or movements.
  • Tilts – Your joints and bones can tilt or twist causing a lot of pain. The biggest culprit is the hip and pelvic bone. It can tilt when making movements or lifting some weights. However, any other joint or bone can tilt as well when subjected to sudden functional movements.

Other forms of injuries include joint inflammation, shoulder impingement and disk degeneration, which can all occur when the exercises are not done properly. It is crucial to understand all the actions that can lead to any potential dangers.

How to Make It Safe

There are numerous ways of making your journey to high-intensity functional training a safe affair. If you consult any expert, they will have a plethora of suggestions for you. Similarly, the web contains proposals of what you can do to keep injuries at bay. Here are some practical solutions to these problems.

  • Wear the right shoes – the feet play a major role during the functional training, which includes strain to the body. Shoes create the much-needed balance and provide support to the body. Therefore, you will need shoes that fit well, have a decent grip and sufficient padding on the inside. Also, be sure that they are breathable through netting on the upper side.
  • Handle weights with care – when we mention care, we do not only mean how you physically handle the weight bar but rather how you approach the whole concept. Only use a weight that is suitable for your body mass and only advance gradually. This way, you will avoid many injuries that are caused by too much straining.
  • Have a trainer – these experts are also responsible for your safety. They always anticipate what could go wrong during the high-intensity functional training and give directions. After all, they will come to your aid if an accident occurs.


With the above highlights and precautions, any person will have an easy time realizing her or his fitness dreams. Follow these guidelines to avoid any injuries and keep on moving forward.


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