How To Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home

Updated on September 8, 2021
How To Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home

When you’re having someone over to your home, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to ensure that they have a pleasant stay and that you’re the best host you can be. Anticipating what they’ll need before they have to ask is essential to keeping them comfortable. If you can provide all their amenities without hassle, then you’ll know you did the best you could, which will reflect in their relaxed state. Whether you’ve had guests before or if this is your first time hosting, this is how to make guests feel welcome in your home.

Thoroughly Detail All Living Spaces

When you’re having guests over—whether they stay the night or not—you should always keep a tidy house. The cleaner your home is and the nicer it smells, the more comfortable your visitor’s stay will be—and the more likely they’ll be to come to stay again.

Stock Every Room of the House

Part of living in comfort is having everything on hand at a moment’s notice without having to think about it. This could mean snacks or toiletries. Wine and cheese are always favorites among most people, but there are so many other avenues you could take, too.

Prepare a Room for Their Stay

Possibly the most important part of hosting is making room for your guest. At no time during their stay should they ever feel as if they’re getting in the way or that you don’t have enough room for them to stay with you. Once they feel that angst, they’ll be much more hesitant to return. Making sure their room is as flawless and comfortable as possible will mean they have all the amenities they could ever want or need. Gift baskets are nice touches. Having quality fabrics and pillows along with a comfortable bed and even a personal television makes for a stay they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Hosting can be an exciting time for you and your guest. If you plan things accordingly, hosting should come as naturally to you as keeping your house, only with a touch of detail. Going the extra mile with all the accessories isn’t going overboard—it’s ensuring your guest has the best visit they possibly can, which is exactly how to make guests feel welcome in your home when you’re hosting.