How To Know If Vaping Liquid Is A Good Quality One?

Updated on June 25, 2020

There’s a reason why people like to buy their own vegetables rather than buying whole foods- the ingredients. Most essentially, the quality of any food depends on its ingredients. If the ingredients used are healthy and fresh, the food thus cooked will also be good. On the contrary, if stale vegetables or unhygienic cooking oils are used, the food may make the eater sick.

The same rule holds true for e-liquids. Unless you understand what ingredients make up the premium UK made Gourmet E-Liquids, you may never know the true key factors that drive its quality. So, let’s take a look at the ingredients present in an e-liquid.

What’s in e-juice?

Ideally, there are four ingredients that you can find in every e-liquid or vaping juice- vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine extracts, and some added flavours. However, their composition in the juice may vary to give away different flavours and blends.

  • Vegetable Glycerine

The thick component of an e-liquid which is responsible for the density of the vapour clouds is vegetable glycerine. A rather sweet-smelling, viscous liquid which is hygroscopic in nature, helps easy cloud formation during the vaping session. In other words, higher the concentration of VG in an e-liquid the denser the clouds thus formed will be.

  • Propylene Glycol

This odourless, tasteless, and colourless syrupy liquid has very high moisture retention and is also responsible for lowering down the freezing point of the mixture. Besides, PG also acts as a great solvent for flavours and nicotine which may otherwise be left stranded in the mixture.

  • Nicotine

It is not present in all e-liquids, but most of them, only if it is mentioned. Pure nicotine extracts derived from tea leaves are usually added to the e-liquids to provide an experience similar to the conventional smoking of tobacco. Usually, its strength is measured in mg per ml and mentioned over the e-liquid containers as mg only. For example, if a bottle of premium e-liquid has 3mg strength, then it means that the liquid has 3mg of nicotine per ml of the liquid.

  • Added Flavours

Lastly, to enhance the flavour of the vaping juice certain natural or nature-identical flavours are added to it. You can find all sorts of e-liquid flavours including mint, fruits, and even nutty flavours.

Apart from these components, their composition in the liquid also makes the difference between good quality and a premium e-liquid.

Different Blends To Choose From…

Different compositions of PG/VG, nicotine strength and the flavour make up the right quality suitable for every user.

  • Natural Tobacco Extracts

The most common and popular among vaping enthusiasts are the tobacco extracts which offer an identical experience to that of the conventional smoking. The naturally extracted flavours from tobacco, mixed with a careful blend of PG/VG, and a little added nicotine offers a complete replacement for the ordinary cigarette. Sometimes, these e-liquids contain other flavours as well such as mint or berries for significant taste improvement.

  • Fruity Blends With Nicotine

For people who do not prefer the taste or the stench of tobacco, premium companies also offer fruity blends. These e-liquids contain a careful composition of PG/VG mixed along with natural flavours such as watermelon, vanilla, strawberry, and so on. The users can also choose the nicotine strength as per their own choice. The range for nicotine strength usually starts from as low as 1mg and can go up to 18mg per ml.

  • Zero-Nicotine E-Liquids

Lastly, for those who neither wish to enjoy the tobacco flavours and nor admire the nicotine high, there are e-liquids that contain zero-nicotine. These liquids only contain vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and some flavours to enjoy.

Most important of all is the composition of the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. As already mentioned, vegetable glycerin is responsible for the density of the clouds, higher concentrations of it would essentially mean that these liquids will produce thick clouds on vaping. On the other hand, propylene glycol is responsible for dissolving the flavours and reducing the temperature of the liquid for developing vapours. However, modern vaping gadgets have already improved performance, which makes higher concentrations of PG unnecessary as the liquids can now be vaporized at very low ohmic value.

It is indeed the overall mixture that makes or breaks the quality of an e-liquid. For most, it is only the flavour and the cloud density that it produces decides whether an e-liquid is good for them, or not. However, for a true picture of the case, it is important to have a look at the overall composition and list ingredients in the liquid along with enuring good flavours and high cloud density. After all, it is the experience that makes anything good or bad.

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