How to Get Rid of a Girl You Don’t Like

Updated on May 8, 2020

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When it comes to dating and relationships, both men and women come with a wide variety of wants, needs, and desires.

Girls are accustomed to sharing tips on how to lose a guy in 10 days. However, everybody keeps quiet about the tips on how to get rid of a clingy girl. Such a girl can be persistent and unattractive, decisive and desperate. Tons of makeup and clothes do not hide the actual appearance, and it makes you feel doubly bad. Someone will say that even monsters don’t pay much attention to them, and these tips on how to get rid of a girl are useless. Nonetheless, take your time. It may turn out that very soon you will be forced to look for any possible ways to get rid of a “princess.”

Classical way.

It is a very old way that was mentioned even in ancient myths. The simplest thing is to make up a mythical girlfriend who allegedly lives in another city, and with whom you are madly in love.

However, do not make a scene, telling her that you would be happy to love her with all her shortcomings, but you cannot cheat on your imaginary Persephone. Doing that, you will only strengthen the flame of hope in a terrible loving soul.

Side effect: the guy has said that he does not cheat, he shouldn’t cheat. While the aggressor is still nearby, you cannot start a new relationship. And nobody knows how long this will last.

Heroic way.

If the idea of a fictitious girlfriend didn’t work, there is only one way out, for which you need a lot of courage. You should say her everything honestly. For example, you can say quickly and clearly, “You’re not my type, and I get annoyed by your attention” to get rid of that girl. After saying such words, be ready to dodge right hook, step back to escape another blow, and stick fingers in ears not to listen to all nasty things.  Finish off your whiskey with self-esteem, imagining the symbiosis of Barney Stinson and Hank Moody, and ride off into the sunset to the light and the sad songs of Warren Zevon.

No one will avenge you. Especially, if you did not promise anything, and you did not have sex. She may think about it and, of course, she may say nasty things about you, but that’s all.

Side effect: you can change your mind watching the tears of the girl.

Spy way.

How to get rid of a crazy girl? Run, Forrest, run! Run without looking back if the woman interferes with your usual way of life. Ignore her, add to a blacklist, go to the other side of the road if she is on your way, change your usual daily route or stage your funeral. If she comes to you, speak jerkily, stare into the phone, showing that you prefer to read even the most uninteresting things instead of a conversation with her. You can even constantly pretend that someone calls you. Of course, she will understand over time that you avoid her.

Side effect: it may take a long time. The girl has already planned everything, but you decided to play hide and seek. Besides, constant conspiracy is a pretty tedious thing.

Lousy way.

For example, you come to a great party to rest mentally and physically, but an unattractive girl who is showing lust and passion even with her appearance takes a shine to you. You already understood that it was the big mistake to be polite and greet her because now, she is following you everywhere. How to get rid of a girl who likes you? Your leaving will not work out because she has got drunk, chosen the victim, and decided to succeed. It is important to show wit, fantasy and be merciless toward yourself. There are two degrees of complexity, the first one is built on a neat self-flagellation and constant talk about your shortcomings. The second one is to ask her, as if by chance, how the gonorrhea is treated, and how serious it is.

Side effect: in fact, you don’t need special talent to offend a woman. Some men do that all the time without even knowing it.


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