How to Get Quality Sleep

Updated on October 3, 2019

There’s so much that you can do for the improvement of your sleep’s quality if you always find yourself waking up at night or being restless or basically just having problems falling asleep. Try changing your habits for a few weeks while tracking your sleep every night, make sure you are comfortable, tidy your bedroom, declutter and get yourself a new mattress, check out American Freight mattress reviews. Check to find out whether your lifestyle changes are helping you achieve more sound sleep. 

1. Switch of the lights. Not only should you turn off your main lighting, make sure that you power down or dim all electronics that consist of power lights and even digital clocks. Contemplate on getting a sleep mask while you sleep if you are unable to completely block out light. 

2. You’ll be able to fall asleep faster by keeping off certain devices before bedtime. Avoid browsing your tablet or phone or watching TV right before bed. These devices make sure your body and mind stay awake.  

3. Retire to bed at a reasonable time. Get ready for bed earlier every night as you wait for your desired bedtime. Care, however, needs to be exercised. You don’t want to keep turning and tossing while in bed since your body isn’t prepared to fall asleep yet. Don’t jump the gun by going in by a whole hour. 10 to 15 minute periods can be ideal until you find the right time for you. But more significantly…

4. Establish a sleep schedule. You can fall asleep faster every night by retiring to bed at the same time. Regularity is craved by your body and the quality of sleep you have is dependent on your circadian clock being dialed. Naturally waking up each morning should start as your body adjusts. Given that you are having enough sleep, waking up at the optimal time is possible. It can be better for you if you have the opportunity to experiment by retiring to bed at different times. You can get to know the time works for you. Make sure your Fitbit device has your alarm set. A consistent sleep cycle can be achieved using wake-up and bedtime reminders. These are computed using your sleep logs. 

5. Keep temperatures cool. Falling asleep is much easier in cooler temperatures. This is according to studies. It is much more difficult to sleep when temperatures are too cold or too hot.

6. Cut down on alcohol and caffeine intake. Endeavor to ensure you limit your caffeine consumption to mornings. Your sleep can be affected by caffeine for hours after its intake! Studies have shown that alcohol consumption can help in falling asleep faster. It, however, ends up affecting the overall quality of your sleep since you will keep tossing and turning or even waking up at night. 

7. Become active. You can get better sleep by achieving your step goals every day. Working out during the day can also help you improve your sleep quality. 

8. Remain positive. For you to note an improvement in your sleep and overall health, you need to figure out how you’ll distress. You should also have a positive outlook. Discover simple unwinding methods once the day is over such as taking a walk in nature or relaxing for you to get quality sleep at night.

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