How to get into Ketosis

Updated on December 26, 2019
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What is Ketosis?

This is a process by which the fat In your body is used as fuel instead of glucose, therefore promoting weight-loss. As we all know glucose is a simple sugar which is gotten from carbohydrates and your body uses this to create energy For you to go about your daily activities.

A good reason for this is because glucose is quite easier to burn and a lot of energy isn’t required for it and we also know how the body uses proteins and fat to build and also repair tissues as well as creating hormones.

Now, this process changes, however slowly, when we stop eating carbohydrates in general. This is because your body opts for using the glucose reserves which are stored in your liver and muscles and known as glycogen and when it has no more left, it starts burning fat in the body.

Your body does this either through the fat already stored in your body or through the new intakes of fat you eat. The reason why this is has to be because not all the cells in your body can use fat for energy production and this is where an alternative fuel called Ketones is made.

What are Ketones?

Ketones are made in the liver and are comprised of 3 acidic molecules. These molecules are produced by the liver and fuels the brain as well as your muscles and your heart. These ketones are a product of evolution because of starvation and famine periods and the good news is, as of today, you do not have to starve to be able to get your body producing ketones as a high and low carbs diet helps in fluctuating it as you please.

Healthy ways to go about Ketosis

Many people who want to go about ketosis need to understand that there are healthy ways to go about it to make it work quick enough and also keep you healthy too.

1. Have a low Carbs Intake

If you eat about 20 grams of carbohydrates in a day then you would make your ketosis process a quick and easy one. Shutting down carbohydrates from your diet completely isn’t completely advisable but taking it in quite little quantities is really helps in making it all the more effective. Taking a small number of carbohydrates makes your body deplete all glucose reserves fast and therefore opting for using fat as fuel.

2. Have a steady intake of MCT oil

MCT oil is a good ketogenic supplement Which aids the body in making Ketones. This is made up of pure Medium-chain triglycerides thus the name MCT. This is a type of fatty acid which your body prefers using to gain energy as quickly as possible.

It is different from long chain fatty acids which require enzymes as well as bile for digestion, MCTs do not require this and they just go straight to the liver where they are then used in making ketones or free fatty acids. It has also been known that they serve other purposes such as aiding weight loss.

3. Incorporating more fat in your diet

If by chance you have begun your ketosis journey and it is moving rather slow and not quick enough as you would like it, then the chances are that you do not eat enough fat and have it in your system. It is advisable to eat healthy fat which aids in inducing ketosis.

This is one of the reasons why fat helps in making ketones from your body. Another reason is that Fat is highly satiating and due to this your body doesn’t slow down and there isn’t any requirement for a muscle breakdown for fuel.

4. Use of Exogenous Ketones

People who go on ketogenic diets love to include exogenous kinds as the help in fighting so many things such as ketogenic fly and they also boost the ketosis process. A study has shown that when you take drinks with exogenous ketones, then your blood glucose tends to drop and the body gets free from a fatty acid and also there is a significant reduction in triglyceride level. So you can consider using this healthy method to fasten up your ketosis process.


Ketosis is a good and effective way to lose weight and it has other added advantages to the health so if you have ever wanted to venture into ketosis, know that it is quite simple and natural.

You just have to go follow the procedures properly, cut down on your carbohydrates and also increase your intake of fat. The ketosis process takes an average of 5 days after a keto diet. Doing it the wrong way could affect your health and look for intense short cuts isn’t advisable to anyone.


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