How to get free Instagram followers

Updated on October 29, 2021

You have been subscribed to Instagram for a long time now, yet you have not yet managed to become popular on this social network. You wondered what caused this “failure” and, thinking you were wrong in something, you decided to search the Internet for free Instagram followers. Well, I’m happy to tell you that you found the tutorial you needed!

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will show you what are the tricks you should put into practice to increase the number of followers on Instagram and I will recommend some tools that will help you get new likes. It may help you to gain more free Instagram likes If you dedicate five minutes of your time to me, no more, you will have the opportunity to learn some practices that will surely change the situation of your Instagram profile for the better.

Regularly post well-made photos and videos

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Perhaps it will seem obvious to you as advice, but regularly posting well-made photos and videos is of fundamental importance to gain new followers on Instagram (this “rule” actually applies to any social network). After all, if the last content posted dates back to several weeks ago or even several months ago, your profile could give the impression of being neglected, out of date or even “old”! Therefore, make an effort to post at least one or two photos a day every day – you will see that users will appreciate it.

Before posting content, however, make sure that it is impactful and beautiful to look at. On the other hand, what really matters on Instagram is the aesthetics of the content: the more a photo is beautiful to look at, the more appreciation it will receive and the greater the chances that the profile hosting it will win new followers.

Of course, it is no secret that if you want to get Instagram followers to engage with your content then you need to be posting quality images, videos, and stories on a regular basis, but it is also important to remember that if you use this strategy alongside an Instagram growth service like Growthoid then you are much more likely to notice results.

Get inspiration from trending content on Instagram

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Before posting content on Instagram you should get inspiration from the trending content posted by other users of the social network. By analyzing the most popular posts of the moment, in fact, you will be able to understand which are the topics that are most successful, how to deal with them and which types of shots receive the most appreciation.

Instagram allows you to take a look at the most popular content of the moment through the “Explore” section, which can be accessed by pressing the magnifying glass icon (from mobile) or the compass symbol (from PC).

Don’t Instagram trends seem very complete to you? Well, if you want to get some more information about the most popular content on Instagram, you can turn to Iconosquare, a paid online service that allows you to search for trending content by filtering search results based on the number of likes, comments and shares they have received.

Iconosquare, despite being a paid service (the basic plan costs $ 9 per month and allows you to manage and analyze only one profile), can be used for a 14-day trial period and does not provide for automatic renewal. At the end of the trial you will be free to decide whether to subscribe to continue using the service or not.

Use popular and relevant hashtags

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Did you know that using popular and relevant hashtags to the content you post on Instagram can allow you to have more followers? Are you wondering how this is possible? I’ll explain it to you right away. Hashtags (i.e. those words or phrases preceded by the # symbol) act as labels, as they define the topic or content present in an image or video. Whenever a user searches on Instagram, the social network’s internal search engine returns relevant results based on the hashtags in the post.

You’ve probably already figured it out: using the most popular hashtags, as well as those most relevant to your content, can significantly increase the visibility of your posts and, consequently, the chances of gaining new followers. But be careful not to go off-topic and not to use hashtags that have nothing to do with the content of a photo or video just because they are trendy.

Connect your social profiles to Instagram

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Another way to get followers on Instagram for free is to connect other social profiles to your account, in such a way as to automatically share Instagram posts on Facebook and other social networks and allow a larger number of users to view yours. photos and your videos. If your content is of quality, you may be able to “translate” your followers from Facebook (or other social networks) to Instagram with ease.

To connect other social profiles to your Instagram account, press the little man icon located at the bottom right and tap the symbol (…) to access the Options menu. Then locate the Connected Accounts item (you can find it in the Settings section) and connect your social accounts by tapping the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. icon. Then follow the instructions you see on the screen and the game will be done in a few taps.

As soon as you have connected your social profiles to Instagram, all the content you post on the latter will be shared automatically on the connected accounts, unless you decide to disable the specific function during publication. By doing this you can optimize your time (since you will not have to manually publish the same content on multiple social networks) and, why not, invest it to interact with your audience, as I am about to explain.

Analyze your profile statistics

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Analyzing the statistics from your Instagram profile and reading this data correctly is another way to increase your followers. Not everyone, however, can access this precious information: to access it, you must have a company account and use the “Insight” tool containing the statistics of your profile (the number of likes obtained by each post, the number of comments made by users , impressions; coverage, etc.).

Don’t have a business account and are worried about not being able to analyze your profile stats? Don’t worry, you can immediately remedy the situation by connecting a Facebook page of which you are an administrator to your Instagram account and follow the wizard to change your account from personal to corporate. If you have difficulty doing this, read the guide in which I show in detail how to see the views on Instagram.

As soon as you have changed your profile to business, you will finally be able to analyze the statistics and use this information to choose the types of content to publish and also how and when to publish them. You will see, over time you will learn about the tastes of your audience and, over the months, you will increase the number of your followers.


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