How To Enhance Your Foodshipping?

Updated on February 14, 2022

Having a great idea about food shipping is fantastic for today’s world. If it works well then, profit Margin, sales, revenues, everything will increase. Online food shipping is prospering and has changed how traditional cafés used to work. The online platforms, like many, are there in the market these days, took the business to a new level. It is the beginning of a new era for a food business, the cashless economy and the cloud kitchens, and sustainable packaging, digital food ordering. 

With the increased number and popularity of smartphones, people using online food ordering apps are rising. The world is ultimately shifting to an online platform from traditional restaurants. Everyone has seen a significant change in the foodservice industry and witnessed growth. 

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How to improve restaurants online food ordering and delivery

The most crucial thing in a restaurant is receiving orders. Nowadays, most restaurants make food delivery their primary goal, which is fulfilled. Here are some modern ways that help in increasing the popularity of online food ordering and delivery. 

1. Use technology to accept and track orders and for checkout

  • Online ordering – Online ordering is the most preferred medium for ordering food, so many food stores, and restaurants provide online Ordering facilities for the customers. Some restaurants also have their app. 
  • Cloud telephone – For restaurants that receive a high volume of delivery orders and are placed by phone, there is a chance of missing some potential and high-paying orders. In cloud telephone, all logs are maintained, and if the line is busy, the call automatically transfers to another number. 

2. Ensure with skilled staff who communicate with the customer very well over the phone.

3. Create a stellar online menu

The points to consider to enhance the FoodShipping 

For improving any business, there are factors to consider for exponential growth. In addition, with the changing technology, every business needs to make updates in their process accordingly. Here we have listed out some factors that every business should consider to enhance the food shipping process. 

  • Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is intended to create maintainability and expand the utilization of life cycle stock and life cycle evaluation to help guide the use of packaging, decreasing the environmental effect. The most important thing is food packaging. Pouch manufacturer in Pune is laminated world-class Ziplock pouch in which and food keeps perfectly airtightly. So the taste, texture, everything will be the same for an hour. 

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  • Assign orders and track deliveries

Through an online delivery app, you can assign the orders to the free riders. You can keep track of the entire delivery process to assess drivers’ performance and optimize the routes. It helps you to track delivery time, staff, etc.

  • Provide outstanding service 

Excellent service and the best food quality will help you increase your delivery orders in massive amounts. Excellent service always helps to increase the rating of restaurants. Maintain a higher rating means the customer would like to order from you. Use various payment options improves the food delivery services by catering to their need. 

  • Take care that the food delivered is hot

Food is provided hot to make your customer believe that food is fresh and prepared just before the delivery. Therefore, it makes a positive impact on the customers. 

  • Package food safely in delivery vehicles

Companies like Terra’s Kitchen Meal Delivery Service ensure that extra care should be taken for delivering food. The food does not spill or get a mess in the containers because nobody will like messy food. Use different techniques and use spill-free containers for order delivery. Online ordering generates most of the orders for all restaurants these days; they look for adequately packed hygienic food.  

  • Give special attention to the necessary addons 

It tends to be profoundly baffling for your clients to arrange pizza and find no oregano or chili flakes. Hence, you must ensure the appropriate condiments, napkins, and whatever tablewares require provided with the order. Therefore, taking care of these details is necessary.  

  • Outsource delivery drivers

Use freelance drivers for food delivery, as per your requirement. You no longer need to invest in delivery boys or and vehicles. Outsourcing delivery boy is an innovative idea to reduce the delivery time during the rush hour.

  • Proper address and client communications

Many restaurants’ delivery orders are very delayed because of preparation times and because delivery takes a prolonged time to reach. The delivery boy might find it challenging to find the proper address. This can be quickly sorted out with appropriate communication with customers while taking the order.

You can also use CRM software that maintains the name, contact details, and address of the customer to avoid asking all the time. Providing your riders with GPS helps to locate the proper address as well.

  • Focus on the packaging

Packaging is an essential aspect of restaurants that can make or break their delivery or sales. Ensure the theme or the logo is on display. Be sure there is no spillage and the food is in good condition.

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  • Have a standardized delivery procedure

Outsourcing a delivery partner does not mean that you have to compromise on your service efficiency. On the contrary, explicit delivery obligations should be doled out to the kitchen staff and delivery persons. For example, make sure that your in-house kitchen staff knows very well who is in charge of bagging orders so they can keep the order ready to go. This will help drivers to match the time correctly.

When it comes to delivery, do you neither compromise the time taken for delivery nor do you adjust the time it takes in the kitchen for preparing the food? People are ordering food as early as possible. 


Learning how to improve food shipping in a pandemic situation is thoroughly challenging, as this pandemic situation has made people shift completely to online platforms. Digital marketing strategy for the restaurant is not optional but necessary. Food shipping trends are gaining more and more ground in the industry. Remember, it all starts with having a reliable food ordering system and prioritizing customer satisfaction in this food delivery or food shipping industry. 


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