How to Eliminate the THC in Marijuana From Your Body

Updated on September 13, 2020
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You can find out what are the percentages of THC in the blood, figures that can influence a test drug. Because nowadays, you have a good chance of doing such a test (starting from a routine check up to a new job). I have found that the test can detect THC in the blood after a period of 1 to 10 days. This period depends on the metabolism of each. Virtually a person with accelerated metabolism will soon get rid of THC from the blood.

Thus, someone with low metabolism will be able to detect THC in the blood and after 9 days. Another variable is the fat. One can assimilate the THC and save it for longer. Like nicotine, it “blends” with the fat as opposed to other substances that remains “out”. According to the studies, over-weight people cannot be detected if they have THC in the blood after 2-3 days, being virtually hidden (assimilated) in body fat. But that’s not a test drug!

How do you accelerate your metabolism to eliminate THC from the blood?

Acceleration of metabolism can be done by consuming many calories. Basically, you eat many products that contain as many calories as possible. Most people will ask, “How long does the THC come out of the blood?” The answer is simple: it depends how fast your metabolism is accelerated and how much calories you consume! If you want to stop THC in the blood, you need to eat a lot of calories, which are: nuts, almonds, peanuts. Of course, everything that is made of cereals has many calories (even a bowl of cereal expanded with milk). Black chocolate (bitter) and milk chocolate, have over 500 kcal / 100g. Of the high-calorie foods I mention pork (bacon, fat, meat): salami, ham and bacon. The highest calorie content per 100g is olive oil. 

If you have THC in the blood and you do not need to have a test, do you have to do something?

If you have consumed marijuana and you have THC in the blood, you do not have to do anything. Putting my ideas together, I realized that our body in the face of marijuana consumption has a self-defense behavior. It will remove on his own the THC from the blood, if you are patient! Those who have consumed it, will know that after a “good weed”, when the “state” is melting or even in a high state, you get a hunger with a crazy lust. Most times, foods consumed when you have THC in the blood are rather strange than natural. If you eat when you are not influenced by THC, surely you are more pretentious, or more careful!

Appetite – the self-defense mechanism that consumes THC

Many studies have shown how marijuana consumption increases the appetite. In other words, the increase in appetite, which we consider to be good, is in fact a self-defense module. I find it extremely interesting how at an unconscious level we approach an attitude that does us well, but we realize it in another aspect in the form of a pleasure that has nothing to do with it inside us. After enjoying a copious meal with strange combined products, the “high state” disappears considerably. On signs that metabolism is accelerated by the amount of calories, and so you have less THC in the blood. After a meal, there is a tendency for sleepiness or relaxation. See more here.

If you want to get rid of the THC in the blood, eat a lot. At first I told you how long marijuana is coming out of the blood, but if you want to feel better … right away, the answer is calcium. Three pills in a glass of water, drink it quickly. If you have THC in the body, it means you lose calcium. That’s why you can faint or lose consciousness! Consumption of marijuana destroys calcium in the body, so milk or cheeses cut the THC effect. Calcium in sufficient quantity means the health of teeth and bones, the structure of which forms together with phosphorus (the ratio between these minerals is two to one). Powered by magnesium, calcium provides optimal cardiovascular function, especially regular heart rate. It contributes to the transmission of the nervous impulse and iron metabolism. It has been found that increasing the daily calcium dose attenuates menstrual pains and helps prevent allergic reactions.


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