How to Dress for Disney World

Updated on October 11, 2020
How to Dress for Disney World

After you’ve booked that Disney World vacation, one of the first things that might come to mind is what to pack. If you’ve never been before, unless you’ve purchased one of the Orlando houses for sale or live in the general area, you probably have no idea what to really expect in terms of the weather. 

The weather obviously plays a big factor in how to dress for Disney World, although there are some parts of your attire that make sense in every season, and there’s more to consider too. 

Sure, you’ll want to look good for those vacation photos, but you’ll also want to be dressed for comfort while standing in lines and enjoying the rides. 

Dressing For the Weather

May through September/early October in Orlando ranges from warm to extremely hot and sticky, with the peak summer months the most sizzling bringing high humidity and average afternoon highs in the low 90s Fahrenheit. That also tends to prevent hordes of tourists from arriving, other than the week around the Fourth of July. Visitor attendance really dips during this time of year, but you’ll want to wear lightweight clothing and at least carry a rain poncho or light rain jacket with you as this is also the rainy season with afternoon thundershowers common. A poncho generally works better as it’s easier to bunch up and stow away when you don’t need it. 

Summer is all out shorts and tank tops. If you want to wear a dress, you might want to wear bike shorts or some other type of spandex shorts underneath. Natural fabrics like cotton or sportswear designed to keep you dry by wicking away sweat is always a good idea.

While Orlando tends to be sunny all-year-round, fall brings some relief when it comes to hot temperatures and humidity, but you’ll still want to focus mostly on clothing for warm weather, wearing a hoodie, sweatshirt, or sweater for cooler evenings. Spring is similar, although late in the season you might need a rain poncho too.  The winter months are typically very comfortable, with afternoon highs between 68 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while evenings can dip down to 50 or below. Wearing shorts or long pants along with a short-sleeve t-shirt is common this time of year, with an additional covering at night.

Light, Bright Colors

Colorful clothing in lighter hues are popular and will help keep you cooler on hot days. Avoid black or navy, especially if you plan to visit from late spring to early fall. Bright colors can be helpful for young children, making it easier to spot them in case they wander off.

A Small Backpack or Other Lightweight, Hands-Free Bag

A heavy handbag or backpack is going to seriously weigh you down, and you’ll also have to keep in mind that all bags can’t be bigger than 18″ high, 15″ wide and 24″ long. The lighter the better, with either a small backpack or cross-body bag the best options.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes should be the No. 1 priority no matter when you visit Disney World. You’re going to spend hours and hours on your feet, walking and standing in line, and sore feet make for a miserable time. The best shoes to wear are lightweight walking shoes like sneakers or sandals. Avoid wearing brand new shoes that could cause painful issues you aren’t aware of, as well as heels or shoes with heavy platforms. Flip-flops aren’t a good idea either as they’re likely to fly off on the rides.

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