How To Cope With Your Kids Flying The Nest

Updated on January 21, 2021
How To Cope With Your Kids Flying The Nest

With your children staying in the house longer as adults, you’re sure to develop new relationships and bonds that were hard to obtain when they were in their adolescence. In some cases, the introduction of grandchildren into the home as well makes for a pretty secure dynamic. When everybody finally moves out, there can be a period where you’re unsure what’s next. Figuring out how to cope with your kids flying the nest can be different for everyone, but there are some similarities as well.

Accept Your Feelings

The thing about feelings is that you can’t really control them. You may find yourself feeling sadness as your once lively home now falls silent. Accepting those feelings and knowing that you’re not alone in them will allow you to take them in stride.

Nevertheless, you may find yourself feeling the opposite. You might find a sense of relief wash over you. Don’t feel guilty. You’ve spent the majority of your adult life rearing and raising people, making sure that they are upstanding members of society and that they are capable of making good choices and caring for themselves and others. Feeling a twinge of happiness for the new possibilities in your own story are exciting and normal sensations.

What Have You Been Putting Off?

Now is the time to dive into the things you’ve been putting off. For example, home renovations are often a big deal. Many people hold off on doing big demo projects or putting money into things until their space is no longer inhabited by children. Though we love them, our kids can be destructive. It may seem difficult transforming your kids’ old rooms to something more functional, but try to accept that you and your home are ready for change.

Additionally, it can take us quite a while to figure out our finances so that we feel comfortable with taking on new travel opportunities. Now is the time to take the trips you always wanted to take, whether it’s alone, with a friend, or significant other. Your eat, pray, love moment is finally here! Go enjoy beautiful scenes in unknown territories now that you’re fiscally and parentally responsible.

New Opportunities for Companionship

The silence in your home doesn’t have to be deafening. There are many ways to find companionship or generate new love for someone in need. Consider adopting or fostering a dog. Dogs are intuitive and sensitive creatures, and many live in shelters, waiting to be given a second chance.

You just so happen to have a new opening in your home and maybe even a little more space in your heart to care for someone who needs you. Enrich both yours and a dog’s life by taking in a new furry friend and creating a lasting bond.

There are many ways to cope with your kids flying the nest. At first, it may be difficult, but over time, you’ll start to fill your time with exciting and different things. Making new friends and spending time in unfamiliar yet interesting places will surely help you find yourself again.