How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Aging Body

Updated on March 27, 2021
Best Mattresses for Back Pain

As we age, we get more and more accustomed to the fact that we can no longer do all the things that we once could. Not only that, but the joke goes that each day, you discover a new pain or ache. And while that’s certainly just a joke, the fact is that our bodies do become more sensitive and fragile as we get older.

That’s why you may start to notice that, for instance, your mattress no longer offers the comfort and support it once did. You may also notice that you’re no longer getting proper rest due to the fact that your mattress is no longer comfortable enough to enable you to do so. If that’s the case, it may be high time to get yourself a new mattress. But how do you choose a good mattress for your aging body? You may refer to these detailed mattress guides by Jessica from Bedding Pal. Alternatively, we have put together several factors that you should know.

Make sure it’s comfortable and supportive

In order to get the proper amount of rest, your mattress needs to be comfortable and supportive above all else. What this means is that you should never go with something too flimsy if you prefer sleeping on a firmer surface. Additionally, if you’re suffering from chronic back pain – as the majority of seniors are – you should ensure that your mattress offers enough support. That’s why you should thoroughly research your options for the best mattresses for back pain that will offer both comfort and support. To learn more about some of the best types and features, see more here

Go for the memory foam

Even though innerspring mattresses have been some of the most popular types of mattresses for a while, they are now being rapidly overshadowed by the memory foam ones. Thanks to its properties, memory foam is a great material that can entirely shape to your body and offer the ultimate comfort. They offer pressure point relief, which means you’ll no longer be waking up with a stiff neck or painful back. They also make sleeping in different positions not only possible but comfortable as well. Finally, they come in a variety of firmness, which means you’ll have no issues finding your match.  

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Choose hypoallergenic

As mentioned earlier, as we get older, our bodies become more sensitive and susceptible to different health issues. That’s why, when choosing a mattress, you may want to consider going for a hypoallergenic one. These mattresses prevent numerous different allergens from penetrating the mattress surface, enabling you to rest on a clean and safe surface. Even if you don’t personally suffer from any sort of allergies, minimizing the exposure to allergens such as fungus, bacteria and dust mites is always a good idea. It’s because even if these won’t cause you to have an allergic reaction, they can still negatively affect your well-being and cause irritations. This is a particularly good option for those individuals suffering from sleep apnea.

Consider investing in a new bed as well

Finally, getting a new mattress won’t be enough to improve the quality of your sleep if your bed doesn’t offer you the necessary perks as well. This is particularly true for seniors who already exhibit signs of struggling to get in and out of bed. If your bed is too high or too low for you to climb into it comfortably, you may want to consider replacing it as well. Additionally, if you suffer from sleep apnea or acid reflux, you may want to consider investing in an adjustable bed. These will enable you to always sleep in the best possible position and even adjust it as necessary.

Proper sleep is very important for everyone. It’s particularly crucial for seniors whose bodies already need some additional help. That’s why you should never settle for anything that’s less than perfect if you want to ensure that your bed is able to provide you with a good night’s rest.  

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