How To Be Romantic During the Holidays

Updated on December 10, 2020
How To Be Romantic During the Holidays

If you’re an older adult with a romantic partner, you’ve likely spent most of your lives together or are starting a new chapter with a new person. Either way, your age and living situation may prevent you from showing love in many of the spontaneous ways you did when you were younger. However, there are still plenty of ways to show the one you love how much you care for them. Here is how to be romantic during the holidays with your significant other.

Watch Romantic Holiday Movies

If you celebrate Christmas, you and your partner probably grew to love a few holiday movies throughout the years. Find a way to make a date out of the movie night. If you live in a retirement community with other people, you likely have COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings and events. However, there are plenty of meaningful ways to make the community feel like home during a crisis, including watching movies together. If you have a communal movie spot, arrange with the staff to show your spouse’s favorite holiday flick. Then, retire to your room for a nice dinner of their favorite takeout. If you have any trouble finding the movie or ordering the food, facility personnel will be more than happy to assist.

Give Romantic Gifts

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving gifts. However, after numerous years of finding the right gifts for your partner, you may have run out of ideas. Instead of looking for something new or fun, consider giving them something explicitly romantic. There are plenty of romantic Christmas gifts to give this year, but the best ones come from your heart and connect to your partner in a special way. For example, if they enjoy elegant clothing, consider gifting them a pair of silk pajamas. If you have trouble visiting stores or searching online, ask for the assistance of a staff or family member.

Connect Deeply With Each Other

If you’ve been with your partner for most of your adult life, you probably know them inside and out. However, this does not mean you cannot connect deeply with them anymore. An essential part of romance is feeling loved and known simultaneously, so intentionally set aside time to spend together in conversation. Bring a list of fun and new questions to ask your partner. Seek to learn more about them as a human being and know what is on their mind. People are always changing, learning, and growing, so connect deeply with your spouse to engage them on a relationally intimate level.

No matter what limitations you may have at this stage in your life, there are plenty of ideas for how to be romantic during the holidays. Look for new ways to surprise and love your partner amid one of the most beautiful and sentimental times of the year.

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