How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost in Laurel, MD

Updated on July 6, 2022

As the Black-Eyed Susans bloom and the greenery surrounding Lake Elkhorn shades its visiting fisherman, Laurel, MD residents begin to spend more time outdoors and complete those long-overdue home projects – the challenging ones like gutter and roof cleaning.

Most homeowners don’t quite understand the repercussions of dirty gutters – as long as they look great from the outside, many don’t maintain the inner portions which can cause intense headaches and massive repair bills. 

Gutters trap leaves, branches, needles, and foliage from all types of trees found in Laurel including the Flowering Dogwood, Virginia Pine, Black Walnut, and Maryland’s state tree – the White Oak. When nature’s debris accumulates inside the gutter system, it can cause stubborn clogs, and extensive damage, and produce a mosquito breeding ground that tortures everyone at the summer barbeque. 

Although imperative, gutter cleaning obviously comes with a cost – it just depends on what you are comfortable paying… and paying with. 

So… that leaves homeowners in Scaggsville, North Laurel, and surrounding areas wondering – how much does gutter cleaning cost in Laurel, MD? 

Cost of DIY Gutter Cleaning in Laurel, MD

For handy homeowners, the thought of cleaning out gutters may just be a quick afternoon project but for everyone else, it’s a chore that most avoid at all costs. If you are thinking of tackling this task on your own, there are a few key pieces of equipment required to do a thorough job. 

A sturdy ladder, gloves, buckets, a long hose, and a strong hose nozzle are just a few of the items you’ll need to get started which, if not already on hand, can cost upward of a couple of hundred dollars at your local home improvement store. 

DIY homeowners also pay with their time, effort, loss of weekend relaxation, and potential safety hazards. Missing out on your child’s after-game get-together, play dates, picnics in the park, or just an afternoon lounging on the sofa catching up on your favorite show after a long week of work leaves homeowners weighing whether to spend their time scooping and spraying out the gutters. 

Cost of Professional Gutter Cleaning in Laurel, MD

Many Laurel citizens choose to contract out the crucial gutter maintenance task to the professionals who will not only clean out the gutters leaving them sparkling clean and free from build-up and mosquito havens but will inspect your home’s assets for damage. 

According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of cleaning gutters and downspouts in Laurel, MD ranges between $102 and $189 with an area average of $145. With the recommended twice-per-year gutter cleaning ritual, homeowners can expect to pay approximately $300 annually for this service when hiring local gutter pros. 

Gutter Cleaning Professionals Near You

In and around Laurel, MD, there are a good number of gutter and downspout cleaning experts including Brightview Cleaning and Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning

These pros will not only remove all junk from inside the gutters and downspouts, but also spray them clean, they will also inspect the gutter connection to the eaves, and roof area, and look for dents, rot, and rust. They may be able to make repairs and save homeowners thousands of dollars or more! Proactive maintenance is the key to a long-lasting drainage system, a healthy foundation, and a strong roof. 


Before you take the kids down to Double Dipper Ice Cream Parlor or take a scenic drive through the Savage Hill Historic District, be sure to take a walk around the property, look up, and inspect your gutters. It might be time to dig out the step ladder and pressure washer or reach in your pocket to grab your phone and call a pro. 


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