How Losing Weight with a Partner Can Help Reach Your Goals Faster

Updated on February 3, 2021

Losing weight incorporates proper and consistent exercise as well as a well-balanced diet. It is a balance of calorie intake and the calories you burn. The number of calories that you burn should always be more than those that you consume. While you can lose weight through your discipline, research shows that you would reach your goals faster if you do it with a partner. With a partner, you will motivate and encourage one another as well as hold one another accountable. If you are both committed to the process, you can find a good diet and losing weight programs found here. Here are a few tips on how working with a partner will propel both of you faster towards achieving your goals.

1.    Get a Nutrisystem Partner Diet Plan

A Nutrisystem diet plan is one that incorporates the needs of different people with the same goals. The system’s designers contend that it is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all kind of a diet plan since individuals have varying needs. With this system, you will not have to stick to a similar program, but each can choose one that works for them. These plans have a variety of menus, so you will both have various foods to choose from. This means that each partner can eat whatever they want, and still be on track to losing weight.

2.    Work as a Team

Losing weight, as mentioned before, incorporates both your exercise program and diet plan. When working alone, you could manage to remain consistent in one, and fail in another. For instance, you could manage to exercise consistently, but fail to watch your diet. If you have a partner, you can take up roles to ensure that you stick to both plans. One partner can focus on ensuring you stick to the planned diet, while the other focuses on your exercise routine. When exercising, you get more motivation when working out with a partner than when doing it alone. You will achieve more and faster if you help one another.  

3.    Hold Each Other Accountable

When training alone, you need to dig deep within yourself to keep going. Those morning jogs could become harder with time if there is no one but you to push you. You will find yourself skipping your gym sessions, or eating food that you should not be eating. However, when you are working with a partner, you will have some checks and balances. While you are motivated to wake up and jog in the morning, your partner might not be as enthusiastic, but since you are there, they will have no choice but to wake up. This also applies to your diet. You could be craving some junk, but have to be accountable to your partner, so you avoid it for the sake of your plan. It no longer becomes about you alone, thus enabling you to reach your goals faster.

4.    Celebrate Milestones Together

Once you get on the path to losing weight, you should set milestones and goals to track your progress. You can weigh yourself and take pictures and body measurements when setting off. You then set a time gap through which you engage in the weight loss program. When you reach your first milestone, make sure you celebrate together to keep each other motivated. The more you do this, the more you put in more effort. You can also do this alone, but it feels better when you have a partner. Eventually, you will have spent more time losing weight with a partner than you would alone.

5.    Split Costs

Weight loss programs can be costly, considering that you have to incorporate a proper and intentional diet and an exercise plan. It can be a little bit of a challenge when you are doing it alone. For instance, when you are alone, you will have to pay for a fitness instructor alone. However, when you are two, you can hire one fitness instructor and split the cost. The cost of buying and preparing food also becomes cheaper when you incorporate another person. You can work on a budget on various expenditures, thus achieving your goals faster.

6.    Make Healthy Meals Together

You can encourage one another by making healthy meals together. When you are alone, you can quickly lose interest in making healthy meals and end up eating out and losing track of your goals. However, when you are on the weight loss journey with your partner, it becomes easy to prepare and have healthy meals together.

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