How Honey Can Enhance Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Updated on June 25, 2020
How Honey Can Enhance Treatment for Alzheimer’s

As we age, we may notice a decline in our memory and motor skills. We might also get Alzheimer’s, which can be very hard to understand and accept. Alzheimer’s can be a scary disease, but making a few life changes can help. Here’s some information about how honey can enhance treatment for people with Alzheimer’s.

Reduces Junk Food Cravings

One contributing cause to Alzheimer’s is poor nutrition. Eating a lot of junk food slows down the body and mind. Junk food cravings result from several causes, one of which is low satisfaction with healthy foods. Luckily, raw organic honey makes a sweet, delicious, and healthy addition to many types of foods that otherwise lack flavor. By adding honey to healthy foods, many seniors can better enjoy their diets and notice a reduction in cravings for unhealthy foods. Over time, people with Alzheimer’s may notice an increase in memory and faster motor skills.

Helps with Behavior Problems

When a person is first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he or she may face a lot of confusion, denial, and anxiety. If you try to help a loved one deal with the first stages of Alzheimer’s, you might face a lot of resistance. Your loved one may try to continue with their normal life for as long as possible in an attempt to show you that everything is fine. They may also begin grieving the last chapter in their life. Whatever the reason for this behavior, it stems from unsettling emotions regarding their diagnosis.

Since honey is known for anxiety relief, consuming a few teaspoons every day could help your loved one make better decisions from calmer emotions. Including honey in their diet in the early stages of the diagnosis could reduce outbursts down the road.

Fights Off Pain

Many seniors endure aches and pains in their bones and joints. For people with Alzheimer’s, this pain can add to their frustration and distract them from their treatment plans. Thankfully, honey is known to reduce pain. Its antioxidants can relieve skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema, and its soothing effects can also promote smoother skin and relax muscles. With the ability to fight off pain, people with Alzheimer’s can notice a higher quality of living. Hopefully, these steps give you a clearer sense of how honey can enhance treatment for Alzheimer’s.