How does a Chiropodist work to cure a Verruca?

Updated on October 11, 2020
tips on curing a verruca

Foot aches and pains occur to everyone. However, when things get a little critical, people must get medical treatment and resolve the issue. It is time to visit a chiropodist who can help you assess the foot and ankle problem’s cause and provide the required solution.

A chiropodist is someone who checks the issues wrong with a person’s lower limb area and tries to provide the best solution. Often the answer is through medications and exercises. There can be massage therapy recommended to the patients as well. To know more about this, you can check out Chiropodist Guelph

What is Verruca?

A verruca is a wart that occurs on the soles. It usually gets caused because of the HPV (human papillomavirus). It surfaces on the ball of the foot. You can detect it by spotting the small black dots right at the center and are usually flat because of the weight. At times people confuse them as dark spots. The verruca is also called a plantar wart that can get clustered together and create a mosaic wart. And it is not a pleasant sight. Even though these warts don’t cause harm, one can still find it painful or itchy. At times it can be just embarrassing to have such a wart.

Do you suffer from this? If yes, then you need to visit a chiropodist office and get treated at the earliest. The two available treatments are:

Tropical ointments

The chiropodist often suggests that patients opt-in for a tropical treatment, which gets applied at the chiropodist’s chamber on to the affected spot. It helps to mummify the wart after three or six treatments. Ultimately, it drops off and doesn’t cause any harm to nearby skin. Neither does the patient get any scars. To date, the outcome has been successful by 90%. However, you should not purchase this ointment over the counter. Allow the chiropodist to guide you.

The best part of this treatment is that it is not painful at all. The treatment sessions are less, and the success rate is very high. It is best for adults and also the children who are more than six years of age. 

Verruca needling

If there are multiple warts, then this is one of the ideal ways to remove it. The process is also called dry needling. It’s a painless process and doesn’t take much time either. Under this treatment process, the chiropodist uses a sterilized needle to push the infected cells inside the skin beneath the verruca. It triggers the immune response from the body and activates the body to demolish the wart. To date, this process’s success rate is 85%, and most people are opting for this.

The process is not at all painful and can take place under the supervision of an expert chiropodist. The number of treatments needed is less, and it helps to eradicate multiple warts. The process can be slightly expensive. 

These are the two crucial processes that you can opt-in to cure verruca in kids and adults.


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