How Boomers Can Lose Weight With Small Daily Changes

shutterstock 42005905According to the most recent census, only 27% of Boomer men and 32% of Boomer women are considered a healthy weight. That leaves the majority of the generation in need of some education when it comes to healthy eating and movement advice. Meanwhile, the freedom of retirement opens more time for some simple ways to incorporate activity into the day and to cook favorite recipes at home.

Slimming World is a food optimizing program that teaches people how to eat to stay satiated by allowing unlimited amounts of “free foods,” and sparing amounts of “healthy extras,” all while allowing a sprinkling of their favorite treats. The program also treats movement as “body magic,” providing ways for people to easily incorporate activity into their daily lives.

Three starter tips for Boomers are below:

  1. Go for a walk with a friend – starting to walk a bit more is a small step towards weight loss. A short walk enjoying the weather or even just listening to music or a podcast are relaxing ways to unwind while moving more.
  2. Chase the grandkids or pets around – These guys seem to have endless energy! Have a couple of laughs while trying to keep up. You’ll be having so much fun it won’t feel like a “workout” at all.
  3. Get social with activities – Whether you join a tennis club or make it your mission to attend a weekly activity class, realize when you are still and make it a goal to get moving.  Washing dishes is a great time to march in place or do some leg lifts. Watching TV can be an opportunity to do some simultaneous floor exercises or jumping jacks. Movement doesn’t need to be in long bursts for it to be effective. Short bouts of movement while focusing on other tasks can be a great way to “sneak” exercise in – and if that’s not magic, nothing is.