How Artificial Intelligence Fights Elderly Loneliness

artificial intelligence and eldercare

Artificial Intelligence is the future of science development. People became experts in technology, and it feels like nothing can stop this revolution from happening. AI is already present in many forms today, and it has impacted a few of the major industries in the world, including healthcare, marketing, and IT. You must have seen many products infused with AI on sites like Inside-Tech, for example. However, Artificial Intelligence creators now focus on the fastest growing market in the world, elderly care

People live significantly longer than a few decades ago, and besides health issues, they also face a loneliness epidemic. Loneliness is a global problem, and scientists believe it can be as unhealthy for people as smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being severely overweight. For the elderly, feeling lonely all the time often becomes the reality of retirement and can cause ill health and decrease the number of years left to live. This is where AI comes in to help older people and comfort them. 

Looking to address the challenges of elderly loneliness, Artificial Intelligence developers have developed a solution. It is the use of conversational AI to let people capture memorable stories for younger generations while providing companionship. A voice assistant that is inside a smart speaker initiates conversations by asking an elderly person who is lonely to tell their life story. This is then turned into a physical book or podcast and is available for family members and anybody who wants to listen to the stories. The stories of regular people have been underestimated for too long, and now they are going to be rediscovered with the help of modern technology. Companionship is something that older people need, and if we can’t provide it in person, then why not use Artificial intelligence to achieve it?