House Republicans Blew their Chance with Dr. Fauci’s Testimony

Updated on June 11, 2024

The House Republicans recently grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci on the idea that he suppressed discussion of the possibility of a lab leak that created the Covid epidemic.

Although I am no fan of our ineffectual House members nor that of Dr. Fauci either, it’s too bad that republicans didn’t take the time to delve into what was really outrageous about Dr. Fauci’s complicity in exacerbating the horrific repercussions of the pandemic.

Instead, Republicans were hell bent on getting Dr. Fauci to admit that Covid escaped from a Chinese laboratory.  To which most Americans would think, “So what?” They didn’t have to go down this rabbit hole because they had so much more to hold him accountable for the countless numbers of needless deaths.  And the unforgivable non-actions that Dr. Fauci took were plentiful.

First, prior to Covid, Phase III testing for a new drug took years to determine its safety and efficacy.  Warning lights should have gone off when they were going at “warp speed” to develop a vaccine in only months.

Because here’s what happened. The U.S. reporting system had logged in over 3500 deaths from the shot as early as April, 2021. Dr. Fauci should have immediately stepped up to advise us to stop using them, as what happened with the 1976 swine flu vaccination campaign when it was canceled after only 53 people died. To further amaze and alarm you, in just four months, the Covid 19 shots killed more people than all available vaccines combined from 1997 to 2013 – a period of over 15 years.

Second, studies found that 80% of Covid 19 patients were Vitamin D deficient.  Since Dr. Fauci has said that Vitamin D is a strong immune booster and that he himself takes it, why didn’t he ever mention this at every opportunity he had that we should take it too, especially before the mRNA shots were even available?  Even more upsetting is knowing that Dr. Fauci once said that the most potent flu vaccination is getting infected yourself, because you definitely won’t need a flu vaccine if you had already contracted the flu.  If this is true, why was he hawking booster shots ad infinitum?

Third, this vaccine wasn’t really a vaccine until the definition of one was changed. The legal or medical definition of a vaccine gives immunity or inhibits transmissibility of the disease.  Covid shots did neither.  But it was necessary to redefine it as a vaccine in order to circumvent damages that would otherwise apply in a lawsuit against Pfizer and other pharmaceuticals.

Fourth, Dr. Fauci undoubtedly knew what Janine Small said as Pfizer president of international developed markets. She admitted that the mRNA vaccine was not tested to stop transmission before it entered the market.  What did this fact do to the fabric of our social interactions?  It not only gave us a false sense of security when mixing with other vaccinated people, it cruelly and falsely accused the unvaccinated as the sole transmitters of Covid.

Fifth, Dr. Fauci has never acknowledged that the covid shot’s efficacy has turned negative. The data from several countries clearly showed that infection rates are higher in vaccinated people.  That’s why we know so many fully boosted people who have nevertheless contracted Covid.  Sadly, too many lemming-like Americans parrot the mantra that at least it will be a milder case.  As in most things, this is certainly not always true. Dr. Fauci’s excuse when disturbing data comes in, is that we don’t know what we don’t know.

Correct.  And that is why we should have taken more time to study the trials while meanwhile improving our immune system with Vitamin D and Zinc.  This would have been exponentially more effective than sitting on our couch and shutting down the country.

The House Republicans could have much better held Dr. Fauci’s feet to the fire if they had taken the time to research any of the above. If they were going for a simple sound bite, they went for the wrong one.