Home Treadmill Rental: Things to Consider Before Renting a Treadmill

Updated on September 7, 2020
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The treadmills you see at gyms and fitness studios are usually much larger than the ones people have in their homes. The commercial treadmills are heavy-duty, and they can withstand constant use, every day. Home treadmills are ergonomic and space-saving. Their size is convenient, and it is possible to stow some away from plain sight, once you have finished working out. They might be compact and light-weight, but they are good enough to meet the different fitness regimens of various family members. There are even compact-sized treadmills designed for dogs to cater to their exercise needs at home.

Over the last couple of years, gyms are experiencing a steady decline in membership. One reason could be the rise of home gyms. More and more people are setting up small but versatile gyms in their garages, bedrooms and living rooms. The small size of the home gym equipment and the availability of rental options is making everyone’s dream of owning a gym at home come true. One of the most common fitness machines people always look for is the treadmill. To someone new to the fitness world, it might sound like a simple quest. Only the ones already familiar with the workout routines and fitness goals will know the challenges of actually finding the right treadmill for home use. 

What are the different types of Home Treadmill Rental?

Thankfully, several home treadmill hire options allow people to explore different treadmill types. A reputed vendor always has representatives and trial offers that help people find which type suits their needs the best. Although there are almost uncountable variants available in the market right now, thanks to the hundreds of fitness equipment brands out there, we have compiled a list of the basic types of treadmills.

 You should check out before making your choice.

1. Manual

Manual treadmills do not require any electricity. The user’s motion of the legs power their movement. Many experts opine that users have complete control over the motion of the belt and they have fewer chances of hurting themselves as a result. 

With manual treadmills, you are looking at a bang for your buck. They are the simplest models without any LED screens or connectivity options. If you are thinking about getting a manual treadmill, it will be worth checking the particular make and model out in your nearest fitness center first.

2. Electronic or motorized treadmil

These have a sturdy design, and they are considerably larger than their manual counterparts. Although you will mostly see the electronic treadmills at health clubs and fitness centers, today’s sleek designs are making their ways into people’s homes.

The electronic treadmills exert less pressure on the ankle and knee. They come with the option of varying incline, LED screen, connectivity, and customized programmed workouts. The rental for these electronic treadmills is slightly higher than the manual ones, but if you are a big fan of technology, you need a motorized treadmill in your gym!

3. Hybrid treadmills

Do you want the best in the cardio world? Then, you should check out the hybrid treadmills. Hybrid treadmills can vary in size and design. The can double as a stair-climber, elliptical or stationary bike depending on the model you pick. Nonetheless, you can expect the models to come with LED screens, pre-programmed workouts and more.

A hybrid treadmill allows the user to pick whichever exercise equipment they want during one session. You can switch back and forth with ease. It is the ultimate cardio equipment that lets you exercise different muscle groups and joints during the same workout session. Since they are more advanced than the manual or basic motorized treadmill, their rental costs tend to be more as well.

How can you find the treadmill you need?

Before you go ahead and book the most expensive treadmill for your home, you need to consider a few factors. Apart from the vague idea of owning a home gym, you should think about the following –

  1. What is your budget for renting the equipment? How much of it can you spend on a treadmill?
  2. How many of your family members will use the treadmill?
  3. What specifications do you need? Do you need flexible including varying speed options and LED Screens? 
  4. Will all members be comfortable with the technology level you choose? Can they run pre-programmed routines and stream workout channels?
  5. How do you plan to use the treadmill? Do you prefer running, or walking?
  6. What is your stride like? The length of your pace will influence the size of the belt. So consider the user’s stride before zeroing in.
  7. Do you need program options, vital signs monitors, fitness wearable connectivity options and more? 
  8. Do you have enough space for a motorized treadmill? Would you prefer a model that is sleek and foldable?
  9. Do you want multiple functionalities in one treadmill? Do you want to switch between an elliptical and treadmill or stair climber and treadmill?

Finding answers to these nine questions can help you make an economical choice. Thankfully, most fitness equipment rental companies allow their clients to exchange the equipment they hire for new ones, and they even replace damaged or faulty pieces. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to go through the documents before you get into an agreement.

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Why should everyone think about hiring a treadmill?

Having a treadmill at home can be a great experience. In addition to burning the extra calories you may have eaten during your post-dinner dessert binge, you can maintain a daily morning or evening workout routine right at home. You don’t have to worry about your significant other’s plans, your kid’s schools and extracurricular, you can hop on the treadmill and sweat out the day’s stress.

The best part of hiring a treadmill is the cost. You can have the latest model at a fraction of its actual cost. You can exchange it for a newer model once your monthly or yearly lease expires. You don’t even need a trainer to master running on one. All you need is the time to understand the different functions and features that enable the user to enjoy his or her workout. 


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