Home Safety Tips Every Senior Should Know

Updated on July 21, 2020
Home Safety Tips Every Senior Should Know

The older we get, the more susceptible we become to the various hazards in our own homes. Things that we once considered harmless now pose a very real threat to our overall physical health and safety. As such, it’s important that we take the time to reduce the dangers in these environments so that we can best preserve our well-being throughout our later years. These are some helpful home safety tips every senior should know to do just that.

Remove Any Fall Hazards

Falls are one of the most common and disastrous accidents that can occur to a senior. Not only does advanced age make our bones more likely to break from even minor impacts, but it also prevents us from healing as quickly as we used to. This can cause additional spirals in health as we wait to recover and make it impossible to return to the lifestyle we had before. Because of this, fall prevention should be a top priority in any senior’s home. Whether it be taping down your area rugs, installing handrails along the stairs, or placing non-slip mats in the shower, these things can save you a lot of future pain.

Keep Your Medical Equipment Nearby

It’s also important that seniors get in the habit of keeping their medical equipment nearby in case they need it—especially if they already have conditions to monitor. Home pulse oximeters and blood sugar monitors are particularly important to keep around as they keep you informed on your current condition. Should you notice any strange symptoms, these devices allow you to find out what’s abnormal and communicate these findings to your doctor.

Organize Your Medications

Another home safety tip that every senior should know is that organization, specifically with your medications, can greatly reduce the risk of losing track of your schedule. Our medicines and vitamins are necessary for keeping our current conditions and general health in check. However, when we begin to take more of them, it becomes easy to forget which ones to take at specific times. Specialized pill cases help significantly with this by allowing you to organize the pills you take by the day and even by the time.