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Tis’ the season for giving gifts  – from Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, weddings and more – spring & summer are just filled with fun holidays and events that all require a couple presents here and there.

IMUSA 8-Piece Espresso Set: Rich, aromatic espresso needs to be served in the perfect cup! This set is functional, yet stylish enough to leave on your countertop, with a convenient metal rack for display. Available for $9.99 at BedBathandBeyond.com.



PEEPS & COMPANY products beyond the candy! All these gift ideas bring the happiness that PEEPS bring, but last a whole lot longer.  Gifts for all ages and occasions can be found on the PEEPS & COMPANY website, but here are some sample ideas:

Mother’s Day Gifts:

·        Water Tumbler

·        One tough chick hat

·        One tough chick coffee mug

·        One tough chick Ladies long sleeved tee

·        Phone case

·        PEEPS Golf shirt

·        Pink Golf balls

·        Exercise Water Bottle

 Father’s Day Gifts

·        Peeps Golf Balls

·        Men’s Polo Shirt

·        Men’s embroidered golf shirt

·        Retro Logo Tumbler


·        Chillin with my PEEPS Vintage Trucker hat

·        Certified Chick Magnet t-shirt

·        Phillyopoly Board Game

·        PEEPS Yankee Candle  


The Spice Lab

The Spice Lab’s Chef’s Collection of gourmet salts or spices are a favorite gift for foodies! See www.thespicelab.com for more information.


The FiAir Blower

The FiAir Blower gives you total control over fire and brings wood fires to full blaze in two minutes and charcoal to cooking temperatures in half the time. Weighing just 5.6 ounces and only 9.2 inches long, FiAir is the first and only truly portable, compact, hand-held, battery-powered blower for feeding fires indoors and out.  Its point and shoot operation enables users to generate continuous airflow and/or controlled, targeted bursts.  It features a powerful motor and rugged construction which allows users to kindle close to the fire and stoke from a safe distance without worrying about smoke, sparks or excessive heat.  Not only is the FiAir Blower great for use with your grill, fireplace, woodstove, chiminea or fire pit, it is also the perfect take-along for camping, hiking, fishing and tailgating – it’s small enough to fit easily into a pocket, glove box, backpack, cooking apron or tool belt.  The FiAir Blower also received a 2013 Gear of the Year Award from camping authority, 50 Campfires.  MSRP is $29.99 and there is nothing like it on the market.  More information and demonstration videos can be found at www.fiair.net.  You can also purchase on Amazon.com or the company Web site.      


Enviro-Log Firestarters 

Enviro-Log Firestarters are made from 100 percent recycled eco-friendly wax and offer an alternative to kindling, petroleum-based starter blocks, lighter fluids and ethanol-based gels.  Each firestarter provides up to 20 minutes of burn time with tall and consistent flames that can even light firewood that has been dampened with light snow or rain.  Burned to completion, each firestarter is 100 percent consumed and leaves no mess to clean up.  Ideal for back packing, hiking, camping, fishing or tailgating, and emergency preparedness, Enviro-Log Firestarters provide a safe, clean and environmentally friendly way to start a fire anywhere.  They can be purchased at select retail locations, including Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, Rite Aid, The Home Depot (Northeast Region) and many regional grocery and hardware retailers.

MSRP:  $9.99 for a box of 24 starts.


Enviro-Log Firelogs

Known as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market, Enviro-Log Firelogs are the ultimate firewood substitute.  Enviro-Log Firelogs are made from 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard and when compared to firewood, Enviro-Log Firelogs burn cleaner, emitting 30 percent less greenhouse gases, 80 percent less carbon monoxide and 86 percent less creosote.  Enviro-Log Firelogs can also be stored and burned in all weather conditions and can be transported for camping, fishing, RVing, tailgating and other outdoor activities without the concern of restrictions imposed on firewood by some states and campsites.  Enviro-Log Firelogs are also great for emergency preparedness because they have an infinite shelf life and are safe to cook over.  They are also a popular choice for fire pits, wood stoves, chimineas, and campfires.  They come in 5-pound and 3-pound sizes and are available at select retailers, including Home Depot, Kmart, Lowes, True Value, Rite Aid, Sears, Whole Foods and Walmart.

MSRP:  $19.99 for a six-pack of 5-pound firelogs.



Photo Books by FastPencil

It’s been said that the best gifts come from the heart and there are few gifts more sentimental than memories captured in photos. Photo Books by FastPencil allows family members to simply create and showcase cherished photos for someone’s special day in an affordable, professional-quality book.

The books are priced perfect for gift-givers looking for quality a budget – softcover books start at $12.99 and hardcover books start at $25.99. Each book can have anywhere from 20 to 100 pages, allowing for a complete timeline of memories. The web-based program allows users to easily upload their images and then select a theme and format to create a professional-looking, customized Photo Book in minutes. Upon completion, FastPencil quickly packages and binds the Photo Book to provide users with a beautifully finished display of photography.



TandemLane is launching a monthly gift box for your elderly loved ones. It is a monthly surprise package to help you stay connected with the grandma or grandpa in your life. Each box will come with a different theme of gifts consisting of games, puzzles, snacks, photos, etc. The perfect gift to keep grandparents connected with grandkids. 


sylvaniaScreen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.44.21 PMSylvania 

With the winter weather over for now it’s time for the yearly ‘spring cleaning’ ritual. We tend to focus on our yards and homes but often neglect our vehicle. Sylvania offers some quick and easy tips you can do to spruce up your vehicles without breaking the bank. 

Restore visibility. Millions of cars have faded, cloudy plastic headlight lenses caused by exposure to the sun, which can impair nighttime driving visibility and cause glare. The American Optometric Association reports that 90 percent of all driving decisions are based solely on visual cues. The DIY Headlight Restoration Kit from SYLVANIA will restore lens clarity and provide durable, long-lasting protection. The key product differentiator is a UV block clear coat, which protects headlights from future UV damage and comes with a lifetime warranty. It takes less than an hour and doesn’t require any special tools or experience. Not only does restoring your lenses provide safety benefits, it also improves the appearance of your vehicle, enhancing the value. 

Give it a bath. Winter is hard on both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Give it a thorough wash to get the salt off of the outside. For the inside, just vacuuming may not be enough; power wash the floor mats to ensure all of the salt is gone. Salt removal is important to both the exterior and interior because it can cause scratching and marring as well as premature rusting. 

Freshen the air. Cabin air filters purify the air circulating in the cabin and remove allergens, but many drivers don’t know they exist, let alone need to be replaced on a regular basis. On most vehicles, these filters are easy to install and can be replaced right in the driveway. Filters get the most dirty in fall when leaves and other debris make their way in to the system. Drivers should check and replace in the spring (or take it to the shop) to ensure clean air is entering the cabin of their vehicle, protecting the health of passengers.

Taking a few extra minutes in the cleaning process can save time and money in the future. Check out SYLVANIA’s how-to video on headlight restoration!

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