Home Maintenance Quiz (Part #1)


It’s the weekend and you have a whole list of household chores to do. Sure, you’d rather be golfing, playing tennis, or watching television, but keeping your home in good shape is very important to maintain the safety and value of your biggest investment. Here is the first part of a home maintenance quiz that will test your maintenance knowledge. While this quiz does not address every home maintenance project, it does provide helpful tips and reminders for chores you may have overlooked.

1. How often do forced-air furnace filters need to be changed?
At least once every three months during the heating season.

2. What part of the faucet usually needs to be replaced when you have a water leak?
The washer.

3. Should you run hot or cold water through your garbage disposal?
Cold water.

4. How often should the moving parts of garage doors be oiled?
Every three months.

5. What tools can you use to unclog your drains?
A plunger and a plumber’s snake.

6. What tool can be used to unclog a toilet?
A coil spring-steel auger.

7. What faucet part needs to be cleaned every three to four months?
Aerator (the screen inside the end of the faucet).

8. What can you use for traction on icy sidewalks, steps, and driveways?
Cat litter or sand—never use salt because it damages the pavement.

9. Where should the fire in your fireplace be built?
On the andirons or grate—never on the fireplace floor.

10. What will prevent soot and add color to the fire in your fireplace?
Throw in a handful of salt.

11. Where should your firewood be stored?
Outside and away from your house and not directly on the ground.

12. What helps keep unpainted concrete floors easy to keep clean?
Concrete sealer.

13. What should you use to clean unpainted concrete floors?
A solution of 4 to 6 tablespoons of washing soda in a gallon of hot water. (Mix scouring powder to the solution for tough jobs.)

14. When can you clean hardwood floors with water?
When the floors have a polyurethane finish.