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Honeydew Sleep Company

Mattress experts and founders of Honeydew Sleep Company, Jonathan and Evita Kunke, know the benefits of proper alignment when it comes to a great night’s sleep. Honeydew Sleep Company is a California-based family business dedicated to making the best pillows in the world.

Want to Sleep Better? Don’t Forget Your Pillow.

“We spent years in the mattress business fitting people for beds to make sure they were properly aligned,” says Evita. “Now, we’ve invented a pillow that works in tandem with that effort so that your alignment doesn’t stop below the neck.”

“Even if you end up with a fabulous mattress,” Jonathan explains, “you can still experience disrupted sleep if your pillow isn’t properly supporting your neck and head to create optimal alignment of your spine. It’s so critical for every element of sleep. If your alignment is messed up, it’s going to affect your breathing. It can contribute to snoring. It can affect allergies and congestion.”

Honeydew Sleep Company’s Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow was recently recognized as one of the best pillows of 2019

“It’s all about the pillow’s curve,” says Evita. “That’s where it starts. And the idea with the Side Sleeper is that, typically, side sleepers like to squish their pillows down, causing one side to expand. This can actually apply unwanted pressure on your neck and have a negative impact on your alignment. So, having this little curved cutaway lets you snuggle and get that cozy sensation you love, but without disturbing the alignment of your neck. That small change in the geometry of the pillow makes a huge difference in getting a great night’s sleep.”

For more information, visit HoneyDewSleep.com.

Because Love

Because Love’s Big Hug Blanket is a personalized lap blanket to remind any first-year college student how much they are loved when they are away from family and friends at school! Use permanent marker or fabric paint to write messages, silly notes, uplifting quotes, prayers – anything you want!


The founder of Because Love and the creator of the Big Hug Blanket used her art therapy background to create one-of-a-kind gifts when her best friend was diagnosed with cancer. Made with luxurious grey knit and glittering metallic thread, the Big Hug Blanket is designed to wrap someone you care about in love and make them feel special no matter where they go.

The Big Hug Lap Blanket includes:

  • Big Hug lap blanket – 28” x 40”
  • 6 grey velvet-back tags (4 grey grommet closures, 2 rhinestone jewel closures)
  • MSRP – $54.00

The Big Hug Bundle Kit includes:

  • Big Hug lap blanket – 28” x 40”
  • 24 tags of grey grommet closures
  • 9 tags of rhinestone jewel closures
  • MSRP – $96.00