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Lotus Trolley Bag

As local governments push to legislate petroleum-based plastic bags, our bags are a short- and long-term solution for frustrated shoppers. The bags are full of features, versatile functions, easy to store and eliminate the reliance on plastic bags. We’re a wife and husband team from California. We’ve built a business combating the plastic waste epidemic. In one year we have eliminated over 40 million single-use plastic bags from distribution. 

The Lotus Trolley Bag features a deep insulated bag for cold items, pockets to hold eggs securely, wine sleeves to keep bottles safe, strong mesh bottoms to prevent molding, removable rods and is machine washable. When you’re done, roll up easily into one. Safer for eggs… and the environment!

The sad facts are that Americans use 100 billion plastic bags per year for an average of only 12 minutes, taking up to 1,000 years to decompose. With so much press and legislation surrounding single-use plastic bags, we believe our story offers a practical solution to the growing frustrations of grocery shoppers.

As part of our mission, we donate a percentage of all sales to three environmental non-profits: 1% For The Planet, Plastic Pollution Coalition and Surfrider Foundation.



Thero Magic Mug

Thero Mug2

Carefully engineered with an All-American design, Thero saves your tongue and time from scalding hot drinks, letting you enjoy your favorite coffee at instant coffee speeds. Drinking coffee is a way to get more out of your day and Thero lets you get the most out of your coffee. No more jumping through hoops just to get started.

Temperature adjusting mugs have been around for a while, but Thero is the fastest! We use only the highest grade materials, turning drinks from scalding hot to the perfect temperature in just 2 minutes and keeping them there for 5-6 hours.

Most coffee is poured at 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is way too hot to drink. At this temperature, coffee will scald your mouth and kill off cells, making it not only unpleasant but harmful as well. A classic paper cup will take 15-20 minutes to cool down coffee to a drinkable temperature and will become too cold just a few minutes after that. Meanwhile, classic insulated travel mugs will keep your coffee undrinkably hot for hours, unless you take the lid off in which case it will still take half an hour. Thero gets your coffee ready in just 1-2 minutes so you can start drinking the moment you step out the door.  

We know that some people like their drinks a little hotter and some a little cooler, so when we say 140 degrees is the perfect temperature we expect some skepticism. The good news is that our perfect temperature is not just an arbitrary number! Deeming 140 degrees the perfect temperature is the result of not only testing what the most popular drinking temperature is, but also working with coffee roasters and taste testers to find the range where premium coffee exhibits its full body of flavor!

Thero Mug

Also, we hate cutting corners, so we didn’t! Thero Magic Mugs are designed to work with even boiling hot water so you never have to worry about your drink being too hot to handle. We worked diligently with coffee experts throughout the product design process to create the best product for coffee, but at the same time, we wanted to make sure we built something that worked well for our tea loving friends too!

Thero Magic Mug ($55)—The travel mug that makes scalding hot drinks perfect in just 2 minutes and keeps them perfect for hours:  http://www.therolife.com/

Saint Candles

WITH THE LAUNCH OF SAINT, giving gifts with purpose, power and
prayer for the home, health, happiness or holiday is now just a click
These are not just any candles ….. St. Louis based Ira DeWitt, [of the St. Louis Cardinals family] founder of SAINT, has a passion for purpose with
her new brand of modern prayer candles for a cause.
Beautifully crafted — these luxe gifts and blessed by a priest and a rabbi,
each including holy water and a prayer coin at the bottom. Unable to find a purposeful gift for friend given an unfortunate medical diagnosis — 
SAINT — a range of modern prayer candles was born.
Hand poured with love in Los Angeles with coconut and soy, SAINT is
true DIVINE DESIGN — super chic, with special Saints, scents and sentiments, meaning and messages.
High concentration natural botanical essences for a multi-sensory
Ranging from Turkish Rose to Calabrian Bergamot, Subtropical
Citrus, and African Sandalwood.
9 Ounces hand poured in opaque, obsidian-colored glass presented in a gift box.
Each includes holy Oil, and prayer coin and prayer.
Room atomizer sprays, roller ball perfumes, fragrance solids and a range of scented home and body products will launch for Fall 2019 all available for the holiday.
There is proven power in positivity and prayer. Whether an impossible
cause, health, new home or job, child headed to college, looking for love
and happiness, weight loss or protection — there is a Saint [and a scent] in the collection.
Ira was introduced to St. Jude Children’s Research Center visiting with the Cardinal’s players at the St. Jude campus. Learning that all care was free of charge for any child and family, Ira decided to donate a percentage of proceeds of all SAINT products to benefit St. Jude.
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