Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors

Updated on December 8, 2020
Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors

For most people, the holiday season means it’s time to travel. With family spread all over, the holidays are a time to get together and enjoy one another’s company, even if it means traveling far and wide. To make holiday travel safer amid the COVID-19 pandemic, follow this list of holiday travel tips for seniors.

Visit the Doctor First

Before setting out for any holiday travel, you should visit your doctor, especially during these unprecedented times. Your doctor will determine if it is safe to travel and recommend any additional vaccinations, like a flu shot, or medications that may help you stay healthy on your trip. Your doctor may recommend staying home this year due to preexisting conditions that pose higher risks.

Take a Road Trip   

Using public transportation, like trains and planes, might not be the safest option this year. If you are able, consider taking a road trip instead. Traveling by car allows you to control your travel timeline and limits the number of interactions you’ll have with strangers.   

If driving to your destination is too taxing to do alone, consider a carpool road trip with another family member. Plan to have one of your kids or another relative come along for the ride. Ensure your travel partner is familiar with road trip tips for traveling with elderly family members to make the ride more manageable for you.

Make Smart Stops

Depending on how far you’re traveling, you’ll need to take some breaks from the road. To limit contact with other travelers, be strategic about your stops. Limit unnecessary stops like food breaks by bringing plenty of travel-friendly snacks. If you need to stop to stretch your legs, choose a park or rest stop where you can easily distance yourself from others. 

Bring Plenty of Safety Supplies

For some stops like bathroom breaks, safe social distancing will be more challenging. Bringing plenty of sanitizer, gloves, masks, and disinfecting agents will help in these situations. Always wear a mask in public spaces like gas stations and bathrooms, and be careful when touching door handles, faucets, or gas pumps.  

Traveling to visit loved ones will look a little different this year. While the safest option is to stay home, these holiday travel tips for seniors will help keep seniors safe.

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