Hobbies to Try If You Love Nature

Updated on August 28, 2020
Hobbies to Try If You Love Nature

Nothing beats spending a nice day outdoors when you want to get a breath of fresh air and invigorate your senses. Although COVID-19 keeps us inside more than before, with proper social distancing measures, you can still venture out and occupy yourself with healthy activities. You can also stay safe by making plans to start new open-air pursuits once the current situation has been resolved in the future. Either way, you may wonder what kinds of activities will immerse you satisfyingly amidst the flora, fauna, sunlight, and outdoor atmosphere that you appreciate. To answer that question, here are some hobbies to try if you love nature.


If you find yourself fascinated by plants and animals, in particular, you might enjoy photography. Armed with a camera, you can go to a park, forest, or even your own backyard to capture the beauty of what you see there. You may specialize in finding striking birds or insects to create a focused collection of photos or simply allow yourself to wander and take pictures of whatever catches your eye. Photographing wide landscapes and environments is a possibility you can pursue as well. Along the way, you’ll get some exercise as you walk around in your search for interesting subjects.

Trail Biking

An even more active hobby to try if you love nature is biking. Your joints may prevent you from running as intensely as you might have done in your younger days, but a bicycle takes away this problem; pedaling leaves no painful impact on your legs. Most people cycle on the streets, but you can find trails and park paths that are permeated with trees, plants, and wildlife. This will satiate your desire to experience nature in-person. If you’re concerned that this activity may be too difficult, you can equip yourself for whatever terrain and hills you meet along the way with an all-wheel-drive e-bike. The e-bike will help you pedal easier thanks to its motors and will grip the ground stably with the traction on its tires.


Fishing is a classic pastime that allows you to relax and stay mindful of the moment. While waiting for a fish to bite your line, you can stand or sit and admire your natural outdoor surroundings. The gentle lapping of calm waters or the steady flow of streams makes for a soothing backdrop as well. When you do land a catch, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment and can record the different species and sizes of fish that you reel in. On top of all this, fishing is a great activity for bonding with your kids and grandkids, as people of all ages can learn the skill and participate.

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