Helpful Checklist for Renovating Your Bathroom

Updated on January 25, 2023
Helpful Checklist for Renovating Your Bathroom

A new year is often a great opportunity to make some big changes. People spend a lot of time in their bathroom, so why not adjust it to fit desired comfort levels? Whether you want to do a full-blown remodel or make a few changes for added comfort, we’ve got your back. Here’s a helpful checklist for renovating your bathroom to give you some ideas on where to get started.

Renovate the Tub

The bathtub is one of the biggest parts of your bathroom—literally and figuratively. There are several common changes that people could make to their tubs or shower systems, such as installing new faucets and showerheads. You might also consider installing a bar to help you guide yourself into the tub with ease.

A full remodel may even involve swapping out your bathtub with a bigger or deeper option. Bathtubs are a place of comfort and cleanliness, so you want to find one that works for your needs. However, we recommend making sure your remodel plans work for your home’s style and build. For example, if you live in a mobile home, replacing a mobile home bathtub uses a slightly different process than you may use in a traditional home.

Decide on a Theme

Trying a new theme is a great thing to have on a checklist for renovating your bathroom. If you’ve always felt that the walls were too dull or the countertop was ugly, you can use this year as an opportunity to try new styles.

Some of the most common themes for bathrooms are nautical ones that use whites and blues, or rustic looks that use more woodgrain and natural colors. Consider an aesthetic before you remodel, so you can conceptualize how you want the finished bathroom to look.

Consider Your Convenience

No matter what type of renovation you have in mind, you should always consider your personal comfort. Will your new bathroom have enough counter space? Is there an accessible medicine cabinet? Do you need a support system to get yourself onto or off the toilet? Consider your needs when deciding the best way to remodel your bathroom this year—everything else can work around those needs.