2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide—Health & Fitness

LifeTrak C410w

The LifeTrak C410w, a new fitness tracker designed specifically for women from LifeTrak, maker of innovative, heart-monitoring wearables. The C410w is perfect for someone who wants an accurate, all-day wear fitness tracker that is simple to operate and won’t break the bank (MSRP $99). Plus, LifeTrak’s ECG heart rate monitoring capability is ideal for tracking health over time.  

In addition to heart rate, the tracker monitors steps, distance, calories burned, and even tracks sleep quality. It connects to the LifeTrak app on iOS or Android through Bluetooth so you can track progress over time. Plus, it never needs charging (runs on an inexpensive watch battery) and is waterproof. 


This all-natural, over the counter supplement composed of botanicals has been used for hundreds of years by women in Korea and China for menopausal symptom relief, and is now conquering the U.S. market. EstroG-100 employs a mixture of hot-water-extracted herbs, all of which have at least 400 years of documented usage in Asia. 

Using the E-screen test, the industry standard in testing the effectiveness of each botanical, it’s proven to work 6 times faster (and safer) than any other alternative including black cohosh – the once sought-after herbal remedy for menopausal relief. Side effects reported by black cohosh users include the minor – cramping, nausea, headaches – to more severe claims such as blood clots and even liver damage. Clinical studies have shown EstrG-100 to be the best option in natural relief without the side effects:

-Safe: No liver toxicity, weight gain, bleeding or estrogenic consequences- no artificial production of hormones
-Fast working: 6 times faster than any other alternative
-Effective: Results in few as 7-14 days
-All Natural: Completely non-toxic, composed of hot water extracts of 3 botanicals
-Easily Accessible/Affordable: Available nationwide at stores including CVS and Walgreens
-Tested and Classified NDI (new dietary ingredient) by the FDA

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.28.10 AMScreen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.51.39 AMBackJoy SitSmart and StandRight Zen Shoes 

Eighty percent of Americans experience back pain, and a new survey found that 64% say their back pain makes them feel older than they are, by an average of 21 years!

What many don’t know is that finding relief can be as simple as correcting posture. As such, I thought your readers might be interested in giving mom (or grandma!) the gift of stronger posture and less back pain. Whether she’s hunched over a computer at work or taking advantage of the warmer weather on a walk—the BackJoy SitSmart or new StandRight Zen shoes may provide her more comfort and help manage those aches and pains.

First-of-its-Kind BackJoy SitSmart

The BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus corrects sitting posture to reduce pressure and strain on the lower back by shifting the user’s center of gravity forward, tilting the hips upright and comfortably “floating” the spine over the seat. It can be used on both hard and soft seating, such as a desk chair or bleachers.

  • 87% of BackJoy SitSmart users report less back pain!
  • SRP: $39.99 at BackJoy.com, Amazon, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS and more 

New BackJoy StandRight Zen Women’s Oxford

Designed to help wearers stand and move with optimal posture, to help prevent and relieve back pain. The patented Active Stabilization technology of the Zen line provides balance to the body and keeps it aligned from head to toe by helping place the foot in a natural, neutral position. Shock-absorbing materials cushion the foot at impact and disperse energy for extra comfort.

SRP: $109.99 at BackJoy.com (colors: black/pink, sand/orange, mocha/copper)

Leslie Sansone DVDs – America’s #1 Walking Expert

Leslie Sansone is America’s #1 Walk Expert, and creator of the Walk at Home program. She believes that our bodies were made to move and we can walk our way to health and wellness. She contributes her time, expertise, and financial support to health organizations, including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetic Association, and MDA. She was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2014. Check out some of her most popular DVDs f0r moms:

Element Yoga

Gently roll away strain and soreness, release built up tension, increase flexibility and generate more vitality in your life. 3 Yoga Programs on 2 DVDs

STRETCH, RELEASE & RESTORE YOGA: Though massage ball therapy is often thought of for people with chronic stress or repetitive motion injuries, it also can be very beneficial for individuals who don’t suffer from those conditions to stretch tight muscles and roll out tension. Applying gentle pressure and rolling on a massage ball can have a restorative effect on the body—helping to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, enhance joint health, stimulate blood flow and relieve pain. The combination of yoga and massage ball therapy can help produce the ultimate anti-aging benefit: to feel more free and youthful in your body!

YOGA FOR ENERGY: Build stamina, strength, and muscle tone with this invigorating sequence that will help reduce fatigue, improve productivity, and leave you feeling focused and alert.

YOGA FOR RELAXATION: Melt away tension in your muscles and your mind with this peaceful sequence that will help you gain flexibility, improve sleep and dissolve away stress leaving you with an overall feeling of wellness and contentment.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.40.17 AMBalanced Trio 

Balanced Trio makes a unique multivitamins complexconsisting of three formulas – Morning, Mid-day, Evening and includes all the micronutrients mom or grandma would need daily. It’s a great healthy gift and it looks very pretty. They also offer free gift packaging upon request. 

Gift giver can order a one month supply or a several months subscription. If they order a subscription they just need to email them and let them know for how many months they want it active.  

hi HealthInnovations

healthinnovations1healthinnovations3hi HealthInnovations

Hearing aids are a unique and customizable gift that promotes health among the 48 million Americans with hearing loss. This is a good alternative to ear bud headphones, which rank as the most common holiday gift this year and have been shown to contribute to noise-induced hearing loss.

Hearing health plays a critical role in people’s overall health and well-being, so there is no better gift for a loved one. What’s more, hearing loss affects one in five Americans aged 12 and older, but fewer than 20 percent of those people currently use hearing aids – often due to the high cost or lack of awareness of the available options.

With that in mind, you should consider giving a hearing aid from hi HealthInnovations, which sells hearing aids for far less than historical prices, both online and directly to people nationwide. The high-tech, custom-programmed digital hearing aids retail for $799 or $999 per device, which represents as much as a 60 percent discount compared to most competitor prices that can exceed several thousand dollars per device. In addition, hi Health is unique in that it is a national hearing aid company, with hearing health professionals located in cities nationwide. That means travelers can receive fittings and support in their hometown and elsewhere.

Giving a hearing aid as a gift is easy—simply call hi HealthInnovations at 1-855-523-9355 to order a gift certificate in any dollar amount.  The gift giver will receive an email with a gift certificate code, which can be redeemed by the gift recipient following a hearing test performed by a health care professional.  The hearing device will then be shipped directly to the gift recipient’s home.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 7.42.03 AMInsane Home Fat Loss Workout and Six Pack Shortcuts
In fewer than 90 minutes a week, you can burn belly fat, increase your fat burn and lean muscle growth – at home
or on the go with your mobile device – without hiring a trainer.

Certified Personal Trainer Mike Chang, the #1 fitness trainer on YouTube, has developed Insane Home Fat Loss Workout (burn belly fat – no equipment needed) and Six Pack Shortcuts on Mike Chang Fitness, a gimmick-free “afterburn” training program with no sit-ups, strict diet, or need for a gym.  It takes only 14 minutes or less a day to activate the afterburn effect in the 35-45-minute workout with 24/7 access to Chang’s personal coaching on your mobile device.

Chang focuses on getting rid of belly fat, and says that afterburn training works on anybody no matter what one’s weight or build.  His regimen triggers natural growth hormone as well as T3 and T4 hormones that control your metabolism.  It increases lean muscle growth, maximizes fat burn, and transforms your body fast.

Check out the program along with several free sample videos of Chang’s regimen at SixPackShortcuts.com.

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