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diaper caddy

Diaper Caddy

This light and portable change station ensures you have everything you need for diaper changing wherever you are around the home. Great space saver for apartment living and ideal for two-story homes. Also makes a great art caddy or home organizer once bub is toilet trained. Just pop a tissue box where the wipes box goes. BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

Diaper Caddy from – this is a great item as you can use it as a diaper caddy and also as an art caddy for children.  Grandparents too will love to have one of these in their homes for use too with their grandbaby!

Retail $60 

covered goods

Covered Goods (

Covered Goods is great gift for mom, a new mom gift or shower gift etc.  This multi use nursing cover (the original multi-use nursing cover) can be used as a nursing cover, car seat cover, scarf and shopping cart cover.

Founder Jamie Yetter, herself a mother of four, faced a common fear that many women have while nursing in public; the fear of being exposed!  This fear often kept her and other nursing mothers searching for a hidden place somewhere. Sometimes, it was impossible to nurse at all.  In researching available nursing cover options on the market, Yetter found none of these options offered the security of optimal privacy.  She designed a nursing cover that would not only offer all over coverage but would also allow for the cover to conveniently convert for use as a scarf, car seat cover and shopping cart cover.  Moms can truly nurse anytime, anywhere!  There is no more fear of being exposed with Covered Goods.

Covered Goods nursing covers allow for mom and baby to nurse comfortably.  The high quality covers are made from an ultra-comfy breathable lightweight and stretchy fabric.  There are no straps, rings, or cords to mess with.  The covers take seconds to put on and take off, and alleviate any worry that baby will kick or pull mom’s cover off.  The flexible neck is also designed to be able to be worn down under one arm to give mom even more freedom when nursing.  An added benefit of the flexible neck allows mom to peek in on baby or to make sure her little one has latched properly.  Covered Goods nursing covers can be folded compactly for storage and they are ideal for traveling with baby. 

With a large social fan base including more than 100,000 followers on Instagram alone, Covered Goods has become the top nursing cover choice for expecting and new moms around the globe.

Covered Goods covers are available online at and at specialty boutiques and stores across North America.  Recommended retail: $34.99.

WaterPura Family white 1200x812


Safety and health is always a number one priority when it comes to new mothers and their babies. Help her and keep her bundle of joy  fresh and clean with WaterPura, the only American-made, chemical-free baby wipes on the market. 

Staying safe and free from germs has been made easier with these wipes made with only two ingredients! Created with only water and a dash of citrus extract, WaterPura wipes are guaranteed to give every new parent peace of mind. You’ll be surprised how much the mom-to-be will cherish these soft and sturdy wipes.

bobby pillow

Boppy Pillow & Slipcovers

Give the gift of comfort and ease for moms and their newborns with Bobby’s best-selling Boppy Pillow & Slipcovers. After a long and stressful day, momma just wants to sit and relax with her little one and Boppy offers the full support they desire to help nurse and cuddle their baby. The Boppy Pillow comes in many fun and exciting design covers and also encourages a closer bond for any mother and their little one.

The new mom can even choose from a variety of eye-catching Boppy Slipcovers, so her and her baby can strut their inner style and comfort from it’s 100% organic fabric. With Boppy, you can give that perfect gift for any new mom to make sure she gets through her exciting new journey with her newborn.

toilet tree brush

ToiletTree Products

Busy moms don’t always have time to spend at the spa, so bring the experience to her. ToiletTree Products, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative bath products, would like to introduce you to our Face and Body Brush System.  Mom will be delighted to pamper herself with our total body, skin-cleansing system, and will feel more confident with healthy, beautiful skin!

Unlike popular Face Brushes, our water resistant Face and Body System comes with four interchangeable rotating heads (2 face brushes – 1 soft for sensitive skin, 1 medium for normal skin; 1 large body brush; 1 pumice sphere for tough foot skin) that cleanse and exfoliate skin from head to toe.

Exfoliating with a Face Brush stimulates skin renewal and improves overall skin clarity and appearance. It also reduces the appearance of problem areas, such as dead skin cells, oily skin, dry patches, fine lines, blemishes, visible pores, blackheads and wrinkles, leaving skin smoother and glowing.

Price | Where to buy: 
$34.95 |

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ToiletTree Products (

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Lice Removal Kit from Lice Clinics of America

Introducing a revolutionary new product from Lice Clinics of Americathe Lice Removal Kit helps families tackle head lice within the comfort of their very own home.

The Lice Remover Kit from Lice Clinics of America™, the world’s largest network of urgent care clinics for lice treatment, is an alternative to other OTC products and shampoos as it uses a pesticide-free and non-toxic liquid gel to remove head lice and their eggs—all with no mess. (And no harsh scent!). The product can be found in select Giant Eagle locations nationwide.

Check out the video here for more information!

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Qurr Well

QURR is a new line of products in delicious powders, puddings and shakes that contain Fortetropin®, which safely promotes healthy muscle that can lead to a strong, lean, and toned body.

Qurr Well is a new health supplement specifically targeted toward baby boomers!

Fortetropin is an all-natural proprietary ingredient which has been shown to lower serum myostatin level and increase lean muscle mass and size in clinical studies. Qurr Well created Fortetropin from fertilized egg yolk using advanced technologies that preserve the biological integrity and bioactivity of the mixture.

In its clinical study, those who combined a daily dose of Fortetropin® with resistance training for 90 days gained more lean muscle mass than those who did not take Fortetropin®. They were also significantly stronger and more powerful than before!

Make Qurr Well a regular part of your healthy lifestyle!!!

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Qurr Toned promotes healthy muscle which can lead to a beautiful lean and toned body.

Key facts and benefits of Fortetropin include:

  • What is Fortetropin?
    • A bioactive proteo-lipid complex containing various proteins, lipids, peptides and other bioactive molecules isolated from fertilized egg yolk using a patented proprietary process
    • This process preserves the biological integrity and bioactivity of the mixture
  • Scientifically Backed Results
    • Fights Adverse Effects of Myostatin, the Body’s Muscle Growth Inhibitor
    • Increases Lean Muscle Mass and Size
  • Fortetropin® is the First & ONLY Natural Myostatin Reducing Agent Currently on the Market
  • Contains No Artificial Chemicals or Additives
  • Low in Calories and Carbs
    • Powders – 60 calories; less than 4 g. of carbs
    • Shakes/Puddings – 160 calories; 20 g. of protein; less than 10 g. of carbs

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Pamper mom this Mother’s Day while also keeping the environment clean with GreenGoo all natural soaps!

Let mom sit back, relax, and treat her skin to these affordable, healthy products.

Green Goo is a certified B company passionate about giving back. Some organizations Green Goo has teamed up with are World Vision, John Hopkins, Mandela Foundation, and many more.

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Pebble By Kahiniwalla

Summer is here and Pebbles has some of the most adorable toys that are ocean themed! Have fun with your little ones this summer with these fun Pebbles friends!

Boost Your Beach Play with Pebble By Kahiniwalla

Ensure your little ones stay busy in the sun with Pebble!

The warmer weather is here, and that means it’s time to pack up the beach blankets, round up the kids, and head to the beach. But you’re forgetting something – beach toys! Make sure your kiddos have some fun in the sun with Pebble by Kahiniwalla! There are tons of things to do at the beach – swim, build sand castles, bury dad in the sand – but sometimes, kids need a little extra help to get that energy out in a fun way.

Inspire your child’s love of the ocean with the whimsical, water animal toys from Pebbles:

  • Rattle Crab – Blue: Feeling a little crabby? Give your beach buddy a little pinch of love with this adorable crab rattle! Made with 100% cotton yarn, this cute creation is suitable from birth – and you can even get it in Large Crab – Red!
  • Rattle Octopus: Easy for little hands to hold, baby can hug this precious octopus eight times as much! Remembering how her little ones always loved rattles that you could both grab and chew at the same time, Pebble founder Samantha Morshed designed the octopus as a perfect match with its eight long legs. Available in an array of different designs and colors including Rainbow, Organic, Green, Pink, Pale Blue and Pale Pink.
  • Rattle Whale – Deep Turquoise: A huge hit, everything whale be alright when your little one has this rad rattle while playing in the sand. Make waves with this trendy toy!

Not only are these Pebble friends fun to play with in the sun but your kids can play with them in the water too! Many handmade knit/crochet toys are not machine washable and get lumpy when wet, but with Pebble you can submerge your sea friends knowing they’ll maintain their adorable forms!

When they aren’t burying your feet in the sand or chasing waves, keep your kids entertained in the sun and sea with the ocean-themed toys from Pebble by Kahiniwalla!

If you would like to know more about Pebble, visit