Guide to Maintain Your Water Purifier Perfectly

Updated on July 2, 2019

Healthy drinking water continues to be a prime concern for many countries. India has been attempting to solve its drinking water problem for a long time. Water filters and purifiers have thus become an indispensable part of every Indian household. When you think to drink safe & healthy water, an RO system is one of the best available technology in the market. Reverse Osmosis systems or RO systems have become one of the most commonly used home appliances and also one of the most important. Lack of proper and clean water makes it difficult to drink water and even cook food.

Although, just having an RO installed at home is not enough. It is essential to know not only how your purifier works but also its proper maintenance procedure. The following are some useful tips and ways to maintain an RO system so that it is in optimum performing condition.

1.    Know The Waters

It is essential to know the type of water that gets supplied to your home. The kind of impurities & particles that pass through the filters would determine the frequency of changing of filters and cleaning of filtration chambers.

If you live in an area with a lot of sedimentary particulates in water, get water with a lot of heavy metals in it, or you receive water that is rich in calcium and magnesium, also known as hard water, you might have to clean your purifier more frequently.

The sedimentary percolates clog up the RO membrane pores and hinder with the filtration process. You can contact the nearest Aquafresh RO Service Center in your city to get your purifier serviced.

2.    Change RO Filters Regularly

Even if there are not much of suspended particles in the input water, it is essential for RO systems to change their filters periodically. Various components of the purifier need to be changed and replaced at varying intervals. For example, the pre-filter cartridges and the screen with carbon and activated charcoal should be changed every 6 to 9 months. The RO membrane, however, needs replacement at intervals of every 2 or 3 years. If you do not modify the filters at the stipulated time, then the screen will produce lesser water and may not work very efficiently and will supply inferior quality water.

3.    Cleaning And Sanitisation

Cleaning is one of the best ways to maintain an RO system. It is essential to maintain an RO system properly to ensure the quality of the output water. It is advisable to get the unit cleaned adequately by a professional at least once a year. You can get in touch with the nearest Aqua fresh RO service center and schedule an appointment with an engineer at your convenience. You can opt either for a system sanitization service or a system recharge process, both of which are important

4.    Install A Softener For Extra Efficiency

A softener can help in the better functioning of the RO system. A lot of water purifiers have softeners pre-installed in them. Even if it is not, installing a plasticizer can be a good idea in combination with the RO system.

A softener and an RO system can make the right combination not only do they result in clean water but also good water. Installing a softener separately can be important because in some cases, the presence of magnesium and calcium can make the water hard. It makes it very difficult for the RO system to do its work alone in such cases and creates a strain on the filters.

5.    Keep The Exteriors Of The RO System Clean

It is essential to maintain hygiene around your purifier. Apart from the internal cleaning and maintenance, it is essential to keep the exteriors clean too. Water may be, but unclean equipment can also lead to contaminated water. Make sure the outside body of the machinery, as well as the outlet tap that is attached to the machine, are regularly cleaned and wiped with either a dry or a wet cloth after use.

Water purifiers have become an essential part of life, and a must have for every household. It is, therefore, necessary to carefully survey the water purifiers available. As we have seen here, the maintenance and cleaning of the purifier are as crucial as purchasing one that best suits your needs.

You must, therefore, always buy purifiers from companies that provide prompt after sales service with due diligence. The company you choose should provide you with quick support via telephone and must have engineers available who can assist at your doorstep at the earliest in case of emergencies. You can get comfortable and quick assistance at the Aquafresh service center number for any queries or technical support.


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