Google Pixel Watch: What You Need To Know!

Updated on June 23, 2022

Technology has always been improving and we stand in an era where we are closer than ever to those moments where androids would be walking down the streets. However, that is all some advanced technology talks for the year… 2050 maybe? It is time to talk about 2018, where a watch is soon going to be the center of attention. Google is now presenting the Google Pixel Watch. Consider it like a watch that is some kind of smarty-pants and yet is classy.

For two years now, there have been rumors of this watch. Google did not reveal any precise information about their future gadget yet, reports have compiled a great list of features that are going to be included in the watch. Watch out though, spoiler alert for those who wish to keep the surprise for the release dates.

The Shape Of You

What could be the shape of this formidable new release of the 21st Century? Well, there is no secret in that. It is going to be round yet with something extra! There has been a great focus on the designs of Wear OS gadgets lately and Android came ahead with rotating bezels and crowns. Amazing, isn’t it? There aren’t many watches like that. According to the rumours, the bezels and rotating crowns are going to be presented in a more innovative style on Google Pixel Watch. Maybe the ideal time to confirm that would be waiting for the release?

Fingerprint Scanner

Security and identification on top with the Fingerprint Scanner said to be included in the Google Pixel Watch. Current Wear OS watches include PIN codes but the new watch is going include a Fingerprint Scanner. The biometric technology would fit in the design of the watch without compromising the visual appearance of the gadget. However, reports state that such an add-on might increase the thickness of the watch and not to overlook the price bills that would take a new turn.

Payment By Watch?

No one saw this feature coming! Yes, that’s right! With Google Pixel Watch, you can even process your payments. The watch is said to include a built-in app, Google Pay Features, where you can register your payment methods and have the crediting done within a few taps. Even if you lose your watch, there is no way of frauds or theft of your funds since the log-in to your watch is by your fingerprint, remember? Now, those who love playing online at gaming sites can have their deposits made quickly and efficiently! Time to go the innovative way with your gaming as well!


There are many watches out there which are water as well as dust resistant. Yet, there are only a bunch that can carry IP certification high enough to withstand moisture. Google Pixel Watch would be one such gadget that can be exposed to high level of moisture and still work. Now you can go diving with your smartwatch without any fear of malfunction. Is wearing watches in showers a vogue around since you can be doing it as well with Google Pixel Watch.

Go Without Charging For Three Days!

The simple yet stunning feature, the Google Pixel Watch will be able to last for three days straight. The designers are implementing useful enhanced battery saver modes so that there is more operation time. Google definitely wants to innovative through such simple steps and it appears that it is being quite appreciated by fans. Fans would love to see a big battery and well-optimised software in their watches, especially when they are buying Google Pixel Watch!

Waterproof, Better Battery, Payment Methods for your slot games and plenty other reasons add on to the outstanding Google Pixel Watch. It is set to release in October. Only time will tell if the rumours about the gadget are true or if there are some delays. Even if there are delays, it could be because something more incredible is brewing…


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