From A First Date To Marriage: How To Build Strong Relationship

Updated on January 25, 2021

By Jamie Polsters

Love is a beautiful phenomenon and love is wonderful in all of its ramifications. Nowadays, finding love no longer has to take forever with the availability of mail order brides because there are a lot of dating sites where you can find a bride on. But finding a bride is just one step in a long stairwell that leads to marriage.

After finding a bride online, you have to meet her physically so that you compare and contrast because texting can be different from a real-life conversation. Up close and personal, you can get to see emotions in a different light.

You and your potential wife’s first date is very important as it is an opportunity for you to create a good, long-lasting impression with them. After the first date, things may either become serious or fizzle out depending on how the date went. If things become serious, then you have some work to do to keep it that way.

So if you want to end up one day seated on the moonlit porch, telling your wife dating stories, these are things that must be done to strengthen the relationship:

Tips For A Strong Relationship

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  1. Be Honest from the First Date

Honesty is the bedrock of every relationship. It involves you being sincere about everything and anything you decide to share with your partner. When honesty is established in your relationship, you can have conversations with your partner without feeling the need to hide anything.

Without honesty, your relationship is as good as dead as the trust factor will be out of the door. So from the very first date, make honesty a standard in the relationship if you want the meeting to lead to a serious commitment.

  1. Keep Communication Lines Open Throughout the Relationship

Communication is not just about talking; you have to listen too. When listening, you don’t do so just to respond; you listen to understand and get all the information you can get from the other party. This simple act of listening (or the lack thereof) can single-handedly determine how fruitful your relationship will be, and if it will lead to marriage.

Therefore, if you are trying to find brides, you have to cultivate the habit of effectively and consistently communicating because you will need it in your relationship (especially if it is a long-distance relationship).

  1. Be Patient

You have to recognize that no two persons are alike. The person you are dating did not grow up under the same conditions as you did. Therefore, they may have some mannerisms that may come off as bizarre to you. However, don’t give in to always reacting to all that they do.

You have to let things slide sometimes and be patient with your partner. If you are going to find a wife online, this is important because most mail order brides are from women from different cultures, and so their lifestyles may be quite different from what you’re used to.

  1. Respect

Respect your partner and respect their values. Also respect their opinions, emotions, decisions and their right to have a mind of their own. When dating, maintain the utmost honor for your partner for if you respect your partner, they will feel safe and they will reciprocate it.

A relationship founded on mutual respect will last. Besides, you wouldn’t want your partner to be scared of you, would you? You’re not a dictator and if you want them to adore you, it will require that you respect them.

  1. Be open-minded

Always be prepared for change because there are certain habits that you might have that won’t sit well with your partner. So, be ready to let go of those habits and pick new ones. Remember, in romantic relationships leading to marriage, it’s not about winning – it’s not a competition.

It’s all about finding and keeping happiness in the relationship. So, always remain open to the idea of learning new things that can make your relationship better.

Jamie Polsters is a virtual relationship counselor that has been in the counseling field for 15 years. He has mentored couples and individuals on how to have healthy and long-lasting relationships. He is so passionate about what he does that he got a team and created an online dating platform called YourMailOrderBride where people can find mail order brides.


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