Forbidden Fruit strain: Details, Benefits, Flavor

Updated on July 7, 2021

About Forbidden Fruit strain

Forbidden Fruit Strain is a hybrid strain made using two highly flavored and extremely effective strains, Cherry pie and Tangie. The exact origin of this indica dominant strain is difficult to say but the original Forbidden Fruit was cultivated by Santa Clara, a California-based cultivator. It contains 30% of Sativa and 70% of Indica which makes it the best strain of the world. According to some of the lab reports, Forbidden Fruit strain has approximately 23% – 27% THC.

The Forbidden Fruit Strain helps users to forget worries and concerns and allows users to smile and enjoy the moment. This strain is usually consumed in the evening as it is heavier high than any other strains. This is one of the best strains for someone who finds it difficult to sleep. Gods Green Crack strain and Granddaddy Purple strain can also help you get a good sleep and also help in making you happy. Use any of these 3 strains if you are worried about something and you want to just forget it.

Appearance of Forbidden Fruit strain

Forbidden Fruit is one of the best looking  strains. You will see bright and delicate buds with different colors and shades including orange, purple, blue and pink.

Odor of Forbidden Fruit strain

This strain has a beautiful sweet essence of flowers and fruits including the smell of different fruits like tropical punch, pineapple and grape. Its main component is limonene which gives a lemon smell. You always get a strong aroma of grape as soon as the jar opens.

Flavor of Forbidden Fruit strain

It has a combined flavor of florals, hues of lemon citrus and nuts odor. As the name suggests, the users get a taste of different fruits. There are some hints of mango, pine, and some passionfruit. Many marijuana consumers said that this is one of the best strains they have consumed because of its taste.

Medical Benefits of Forbidden Fruit strain

Forbidden Fruit helps in healing many medical conditions. The Forbidden Fruit marijuana strain reliefs both, the body and the mind. Here are some of its medical benefits:

  • Forbidden Fruit Strain helps in Chronic pain
  • It also helps curing patients of Migraines
  • This strain has been useful for issues like lack of appetite, anxiety disorders and nausea.

If you are not able to sleep at night because of some work pressure or any other reason then the strain which you should go for is Forbidden Fruit.

Experience & Effects

Forbidden Fruit strain will help you to start smiling and giggling. You will be placed in a pleasant meditative state, with no worries and concerns. Its effects start strong and slowly reduce into a sleepy intoxication. Your mood will be uplifted quickly. Higher doses of Forbidden Fruit Strain may lead to paranoia for those who use this strain for managing mental and mood disorder.

Growing and Processing

It is very easy to grow Forbidden Fruit strain, only you need the correct amount of light. You get the best results if these strains are grown outdoors. For growing it indoors, you need to maintain average humidity levels and room temperature. It takes approximately 70 to 75 days for Forbidden Fruit to flower. You can grow 12 ounces per meter if grown indoors and around 15 ounces per meter if grown outdoors.


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